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Beware the Twitter Investment Scammers

Here's what to stay away from.

If You've Got a Taste for MANA (AKA the Former FANG), Here's Where to Buy

The stocks that for years were the market darlings have suffered through a rough year.

Angst Over Amazon Could Give Way to a Bit of FOMO Among Traders

There are a couple technical reasons to think that a short-term dip in stocks produced by Amazon's disappointing results could attract buyers.

Is the Breakdown in Big-Cap Tech the Last Stage of the Bear Market?

It's hard to know, though it is encouraging that the major indexes are holding up fairly well even as the technology leaders are blowing up.

Hot Mess Meta Isn't Worth Trading as Measuring Its Risk Becomes a Crapshoot

However, there are ways to approach the Invesco QQQ Trust despite the collapse of one of the Nasdaq 100's biggest components.

Facebook Flops, Credit Suisse, Markets, US Dollar, 3 Takeaways, I Bonds

Meta will be tradeable. On that, there is no doubt. Is the stock investable? We'll see.

Qurate Retail: Who's Right, the Bond Market or Equity Analysts?

There is a huge divergence of opinions on Qurate. The credit market is implying it is a seriously troubled company. Equity analysts, though, make the case for a major rebound.

Microsoft and Alphabet Put a Sorry End to the Nasdaq Party

Disappointing earnings and guidance from the tech giants dash the bullish momentum that was building in the Invesco QQQ Trust.

Meta Platforms Displays Chart Weakness Going Into Earnings

Sellers of Facebook's parent have been more aggressive than buyers for some time now.

Let's Pin Down What's Next for Pinterest Ahead of Earnings

The charts and indicators can tell us what we might expect.