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Meta Did Not Follow My Script

I feel I must raise my hand like I committed a foul.

Let's Take Off the VR Headsets Ahead of Meta's Earnings

The stock has made a big advance ahead of the report.

Sobering Conversation, Not-So-Hot GDP, Ominous Yield Spread, Rally On

Plus, we take a close look at the charts of the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite and check out Tesla, Disney and Salesforce.

Are the Salad Days Over for Netflix and Its Investors?

Here's how I would approach the stock after the latest news and earnings.

Just What's Going on With AT&T and Its Charts?

The telecommunications, media and technology firm reports earnings January 25th.

Meta Is Cheap for a Reason: Shareholders Aren't the Focus

That doesn't change until the company changes its approach.

Happy Birthday to My HOAX Portfolio and Its Eye-Popping 51% Return

It's been quite a year and yes, I believe 2023 will be a lot like 2022.

The Trade Desk Outlines a Major Top Pattern

The charts indicate a risk of further decline in the company's stock in the months ahead.

BOJ, Yield Curve, Tuesday's Markets, Tesla Trade, Zelenskyy in DC, Nike Rocks It

The Bank of Japan move had a negative impact on longer dated non-Japanese sovereign debt as well.

Tweet This! There's a Trade to Be Made on Tesla

Elon Musk did tell a judge in Delaware last month that he planned to reduce his time at Twitter and find someone else who could run the business.