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Don't Let PINS Poke a Hole in Your Porfolio

Pinterest has made a double-top formation, so longs should avoid.

Is ViacomCBS Stock Broken? I Don't Think So - Here's My Plan

VIAC's first quarter performance knocked the cover off of the ball.

Halfway Home and This Portfolio of Lovable Losers Keeps Delivering

The 2021 Tax Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio didn't do much in April but is soundly beating the market six months after inception.

Here's How a Market Can Stay Irrational Longer Than Individuals Can Stay Liquid

We're witnessing thousands of investors about to take their own financial lives listening to social media.

Snap Looks Poised to Snap to the Upside

The technical signals of the company behind the Snapchat app are largely bullish.

Looking for a Buying Opportunity on J2 Global Communications

I would have a flexible strategy for JCOM this year.

Facebook Is Looking Up, but Watch It Over the Next Few Days

If we get weakness that should be seen as a buying opportunity.

Netflix and Snap Charts Say Wait for More Pullback Action to Buy

The stocks of the streaming giant and the social media company appear to have additional downside ahead.

How Do You Play the Netflix Dip? Buy Disney

Here's my trading strategy.

Liquid Media Group Is a Hidden Gem

With the options open, I believe the near-term puts offer an attractive play.