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Twitter's Charts Get a New Life but the Candles Suggest Caution

I'm reluctant to probe the long side at this point in time.

Whether Active or Passive, These 2 Deep-Value Portfolios Are Shining

Four months in, the 2020 Triple Net Active Versus Passive Portfolio experiment is proving to be a rewarding experience.

Roku's Rally Is Slowing, So Be Cautious With Earnings on Tap

Shares of the television streaming platform are now extended and potentially more vulnerable to a downward reaction.

Jim Cramer: As Pinterest Shows, the Light Is Winning Out Over the Darkness

The multiple to revenue at which Pinterest shares are selling shows the value of creating a safe, civil vibe to a social media site.

Reddit, Discord, and Social Media Trading Are Nothing New: I Should Know

Groups of traders acting together have been around forever, but the nature of it changes from time-to-time.

I'm Talking Myself Into Liking Pinterest

This is a highly desirable property that comes without a lot of headaches, but also a fitting price tag, and why Microsoft is watching.

Don't Buy Facebook Yet

The technical patterns of the social media giant suggest its shares have more ground to give.

Waiting on Pullbacks in 2 Tech Behemoths for Buy Entries

Microsoft and Apple are the targets of possible trades based on their technical setups.

Here Are Sectors and Themes Promoted in Social Media

What's most important about this market is understanding which themes are driving the action.

Facebook's Sideways Trading Range Is Coming to an End

Let's review the charts and indicators.