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Bearish Bets: 3 Stocks You Should Really Consider Shorting This Week

These recently downgraded names are displaying both quantitative and technical deterioration.

Wishy-Washy Yelp Shares Get Help From an Activist Pushing for Its Sale

The stock of Yelp appears headed higher on a report that TCS Capital Management wants Yelp's board to consider strategic alternatives.

Meta, Fined by the EU, Should Be Okay for Now: But When Do Traders Cut Bait?

If this fine is paid in full with no appeal and or no settlement, that would leave a nasty mark.

Don't Sell Meta Platforms Short

The stock could jump higher in the weeks ahead.

The Force Is Not With Disney Stock, and It Won't Return Anytime Soon

The Mouse House isn't going to die. It will just continue its slow-burn into irrelevance and cash-burn from the streaming wars.

Disney Remains a Work in Progress: Here's Where to Add Shares

Bringing back CEO Bob Iger was the right call at the right time.

Mirroring Warren Buffett's Top Holdings Isn't a Bad Way to Assemble a Portfolio

The stocks owned by Berkshire Hathaway provide a decent amount of diversity, but keep in mind they are for the investment-minded.

Don't Guess in Any Big Way at What Apple or the Fed May Say

Either or both could move the market significantly, so now isn't the time to roll into anything, long or short, with significant size.

Meta and Intel Please Investors, but That Tepid GDP Estimate Is Worrisome

Though the market reacted well to results from the two tech giants, the first-quarter economic growth estimate isn't encouraging for what may lie ahead.

Perplexed How to Trade Amazon? Have I Got a Plan for You

From recent price action, we can get a clear view of where to look long and where to cut a position or look short.