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As Zoom Media Excels, It's Facing Very Tough Competition

To say that ZM hit the ball out of the park does not do the quarter justice.

Netflix Looks Vulnerable in the Weeks Ahead

The buying interest could be waning.

A Busy Week Ahead, 4 Key E-Commerce Stocks, Zoom Reports

Remember, if you understand markets, this has been more a broadening of the bull market, not a rotation.

Why I'm Exiting My Long Position in Disney

What DIS does best is sell entertainment and leisure to mass audiences, and we're in an era where there are no mass audiences.

Two Election Losers: Fox Corp and Twitter

I'd be wary of both of these stocks.

Words Matter, Central Bankers Speak, Crypto Thoughts, 3 Nice Earnings Surprises

Comments by Mitch McConnell, Jerome Powell and Christine Lagarde had impacts on the market Thursday.

Here's Where FuboTV Got Ahead of Itself

Long-term, I find the name extremely interesting. Short-term, I find the stock extremely risky.

Let's Chart Peloton and Netflix for the Post-Pandemic Era

One stock is more favorable than the other, but both could make nice plays after recent pullbacks.

Feeling Pulled Toward Magnite? Proceed With Caution

MGNI is speculative, but seasoned traders and investors could play it. Here's what the charts show.

2 Disparate Companies With Insider Buying Interest in Common

Smart Global Holdings and Leaf Group have seen purchases of their shares by people in the know.