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If You Have Nerves of Steel, You Might Be Attracted to Nucor

The stock with a yield of 5.75% is down around 2008 levels, but a close up would help galvanize our opinion on owning the name.

Time to Mine Albemarle Corp. for Opportunities

ALB is coming back from a long decline, but know that its move up probably won't be in a straight line.

How to Profit From Market Overreactions

A look at Supernus Pharmaceuticals and TPI Composites provides a tutorial on reaping rewards from stocks the market suddenly hates.

Illinois Tool Works Appears Ready to Ratchet Up Price

Our target for ITW for the months ahead is $225.

United Rentals Stock: Buyers Are Looking Several Months Ahead

The 'not as bad as feared' theme played out with URI this week.

Jim Cramer: The Sobering Dichotomy of the Trade War Is on Display

Nothing presents the contrast better than reports last night from U.S. Steel and Herman Miller.

The Charts and Indicators of Owens-Illinois Are Bearish With a Capital B

Let's check out the charts of this global glass container maker.

Corning's OK Results Result in Haircut, So Let's See How Bloomin' Brands Fares

Like Corning, Bloomin' Brands posted second-quarter numbers pretty much in line with expectations; will it earn a rebuke from traders, too?

Tape Off Bad Wall Street Advice

Study analysts' bad 3M advice for an example of what not to do as an investor when a company is at its highs.

3 Iconic American Companies, Only 2 of Which Are Celebrating This July 4th

Shares of Hershey and Corning have done well since the last Fourth of July, but not so the stock of Harley-Davidson.