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Adding (Carefully) to Energy Longs: Market Recon

And watching the Fed rate-hike decision.

Investors No Longer Trust Growth, Plus How to Play JNJ: Market Recon

While headline-chasing algorithms alter expected outcomes based on fundamental analysis, technical analysis remains valid.

Watch Dollar Valuations as the ECB's Mario Draghi Talks QE: Market Recon

As Draghi pulls the rug out from under continued expansion of money supply, he will have to sound very dovish in doing so.

They Don't Make Stock Market Corrections Like They Used To: Market Recon

Like Chess, we are at the point of the game where each side starts losing pieces that actually matter.

That S&P 500 Death Cross Is Still Hovering, Despite Market Support: Market Recon

The longer prices remain at these levels, the greater the impact upon the 50-day average. Here is what we need to see to reverse it.

Here's Why One Market Pro Isn't Selling Defense Stocks After Trump-Kim Meeting

Even after the historic meeting between President Trump and North Korea leader Kim Jong Un, one market pro isn't selling his defense stocks like Raytheon and Lockheed Martin.