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UK Finds Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: Market Recon

As uncertainty increases, expect greater demand for safe haven assets.

This Market May Just Be in an Uptrend: Market Recon

This is the kind of reversal that happens in a bull market.

Trade Resolution Would Keep This Correction From Becoming a Crash: Market Recon

Plus, a resolution of the government shut-down needs to happen soon.

This 2019 Market Optimism Is Misplaced: Market Recon

Take upbeat outlooks for equities with a grain of salt, and try these sectors to stay safe.

Market Volatility Is Here to Stay: Market Recon

So here is how to deal with the vol -- and thrive.

Fund Rebalancing Will Drive These Markets: Market Recon

But extreme short-term volatility will produce extreme long-term loss of public trust.

We Need a Catalyst to Keep the Rally Going: Market Recon

Without a take and hold of the 2570 level, this rally is all just a trading exercise.

The Markets Are Signaling Something Awful Ahead: Market Recon

Even if the Fed halts its trajectory now, the domestic economy would experience the impact of aggressively tighter policy at least into the second half of 2019.

Agility Is More Important in This Market Than Is Scale (Plus a Nike Trade)

The trend is your friend. This adage has worked very well over time.

How to 'Adapt and Overcome' Amid Fed Folly: Market Recon

Fed Chair Jerome Powell appears intent to reverse a near decade's worth of policy in just a couple of years.