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A Number of Things About Netflix Earnings Have Left Me Wondering: Market Recon

Unfortunately for NFLX, the competition will only increase.

Earnings, the Fed, Government Shutdown,Trading Microsoft: Market Recon

This shutdown is starting to feel different from those that we have experienced in the past, is it not?

UK Finds Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: Market Recon

As uncertainty increases, expect greater demand for safe haven assets.

This Market May Just Be in an Uptrend: Market Recon

This is the kind of reversal that happens in a bull market.

Trade Resolution Would Keep This Correction From Becoming a Crash: Market Recon

Plus, a resolution of the government shut-down needs to happen soon.

This 2019 Market Optimism Is Misplaced: Market Recon

Take upbeat outlooks for equities with a grain of salt, and try these sectors to stay safe.

Market Volatility Is Here to Stay: Market Recon

So here is how to deal with the vol -- and thrive.

Fund Rebalancing Will Drive These Markets: Market Recon

But extreme short-term volatility will produce extreme long-term loss of public trust.

We Need a Catalyst to Keep the Rally Going: Market Recon

Without a take and hold of the 2570 level, this rally is all just a trading exercise.

The Markets Are Signaling Something Awful Ahead: Market Recon

Even if the Fed halts its trajectory now, the domestic economy would experience the impact of aggressively tighter policy at least into the second half of 2019.