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PetIQ May Unleash Recovery-Rally in Months Ahead

The key question for PETQ is whether it's seen enough new buying or accumulation since January to support a rally to around $41.

Six Flags Is Showing Some Subtle Signs of a Reversal

Let's check the charts and indicators before buying a season ticket.

Chip Champ AMD, 5 Rules to Work Around Trying Conditions: Market Recon

You and I are going to have to embrace short to medium term volatility across global markets, unless central banks move pro-actively.

Sweating the Retailers, Repair the Yield Curve, Trading Lockheed: Market Recon

The economy will never function normally, or at least in a more sustainable, healthy way until repairing the yield curve is accomplished.

Nvidia Is on the Defensive Now and Could Retest February/March Lows

We looked at the charts of NVDA last week, but things look weaker now.

Closing in on a China Deal? Apple Earnings, Infrastructure Stocks: Market Recon

I will very much approach the environment provided (China talks) from the view of the pragmatic. I will trade whatever is in front of me.

Fed's Evans Knows Nothing, China Q1 GDP, Trading Netflix: Market Recon

When Netflix reports earnings tonight, what will likely matter above all else for now will be subscriber growth.

Permian Basin Stocks, DIS Reaction, AAPL/QCOM, GDP, Railroads: Market Recon

What I see from 10,000 feet above... in the age of suddenly profitable fuel as cargo, are the railroads.

China Exports, Bank Earnings, Disney+, Chevron/Anadarko: Market Recon

There are several metrics that will be measured across all of the major banks that analysts and investors alike must take into account.

FOMC, Q1 Earnings, Brexit, IPOs, Disney Investor Day: Market Recon

Nations will never abandon the debt super-cycle that they have created unless there is a public loss of faith in fiat.