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Don't Reach for the Brass Ring With Signet Jewelers

There's absolutely no bottom in sight yet for SIG stock.

PetIQ May Unleash Recovery-Rally in Months Ahead

The key question for PETQ is whether it's seen enough new buying or accumulation since January to support a rally to around $41.

Six Flags Is Showing Some Subtle Signs of a Reversal

Let's check the charts and indicators before buying a season ticket.

Chip Champ AMD, 5 Rules to Work Around Trying Conditions: Market Recon

You and I are going to have to embrace short to medium term volatility across global markets, unless central banks move pro-actively.

Sweating the Retailers, Repair the Yield Curve, Trading Lockheed: Market Recon

The economy will never function normally, or at least in a more sustainable, healthy way until repairing the yield curve is accomplished.

Nvidia Is on the Defensive Now and Could Retest February/March Lows

We looked at the charts of NVDA last week, but things look weaker now.

Closing in on a China Deal? Apple Earnings, Infrastructure Stocks: Market Recon

I will very much approach the environment provided (China talks) from the view of the pragmatic. I will trade whatever is in front of me.

Fed's Evans Knows Nothing, China Q1 GDP, Trading Netflix: Market Recon

When Netflix reports earnings tonight, what will likely matter above all else for now will be subscriber growth.

Permian Basin Stocks, DIS Reaction, AAPL/QCOM, GDP, Railroads: Market Recon

What I see from 10,000 feet above... in the age of suddenly profitable fuel as cargo, are the railroads.

China Exports, Bank Earnings, Disney+, Chevron/Anadarko: Market Recon

There are several metrics that will be measured across all of the major banks that analysts and investors alike must take into account.