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Market Recon

Week in Review, Oil, Jobs Data, Peloton Suitors, Uber Earnings Preview

It was a solid, though volatile week for U.S. stocks.

September, Interest Rate Pressures, SEC, Trading CrowdStrike, Zoom, Wells Fargo

On with September, the market's historically worst month

Economic Growth? Trading Volume, OPEC+ Production, Vaccine Booster

These guys are aware that the U.S. was energy independent less than a year and a half ago, right?

Green Tuesday, Delta Economy, Policing Cryptos, Lockheed vs General Dynamics

The Delta virus has more power to control both fiscal and monetary policy than does the data or do any of our leaders individually.

The Inflection Point? Weak Organic Economic Growth, My Broad Investment Thesis

It must be pointed out that earnings have been better than excellent, but calendar year 2022 expectations have been dropping.

Equities Under Pressure, Energy Stocks, Retail Sales Gut Punch, COVID Variants

There's no way to disguise investor sentiment when, for the week, the four defensive sectors easily take the top four slots.

Organized Chaos, Growth Concerns, COVID Variant, Trading Amazon and Microsoft

Contrary to popular belief, this economic recovery that we seem to be enjoying has hit a pressure point.

Tuesday's Market, Risk to the Downside, Putting Cash to Work, Trading McDonald's

Could equity markets be ready to roll over? To tell you the truth, I thought that the risk to the downside had increased late last week.

Danaher Looks Like It Could Stall or Turn Lower

Prices appear to be losing upward momentum and overbought when using the stochastic indicator, so caution is in order.

Don't Reach for the Brass Ring With Signet Jewelers

There's absolutely no bottom in sight yet for SIG stock.