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FOMC Policy Decision, Repairing the Economy, Trading Micron: Market Recon

Equity markets had been hot. Real hot, going into this week's FOMC policy decision. Still no China trade deal.

U.S., North Korea, China Talks, and Kratos, My Best Defense Stock: Market Recon

The least covered and perhaps most important of the Wednesday's three events was the appearance of U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer before the House Ways and Means Committee.

Possible New Shutdown, Ongoing China Talks, Eye on Salesforce: Market Recon

I have long been interested as well as invested in the business cloud, and Salesforce has long been one of my key names.

Trade Deals, Climate Change Stock Picks, Chipotle Rebounds: Market Recon

Does it not make sense to create a separate portfolio made up of equities that will benefit -- as sick as that sounds -- when an area needs to rebuild?

The Global Macro-Economic Picture, China Watch, Keys to Amazon: Market Recon

The real takeaway for AMZN for me, and the main reason that I am even in the name on a semi-permanent basis, is AWS.

The Human Response Factor, Fed Moves, China Talks, MSFT Results: Market Recon

Many see the Fed as done for the year. Never assume. Read the words as they are written.

Why Huawei Matters, FOMC Decision, AAPL Results, Watching NOW: Market Recon

I think we can all agree that there will be no increase made to the Fed Funds Rate today.

Sloppy Earnings, China's Economy, AMD Earnings Preview: Market Recon

What we have seen of late from a number of chip producers really might be interpreted as pre-recessionary.

China-U.S. Talks, The Fed, Earnings, Jobs and What Now With Apple: Market Recon

The marketplace will react to this week's China, U.S. trade talks in a huge way.

Why Risk-On Is In Vogue, Updating Zuora: Market Recon

China's central bank announced a bill swap mechanism late Thursday aimed at slowing down the nation's economic slowdown.