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Marijuana Is Poised for Expansive Growth With Capital and Talent

As the marijuana industry expands in its legal and recreational markets, MedMen managing partner Adam Bierman has highlighted how pot businesses can reach the next level.

Pot Nation: 8 More States Look to Legalize Marijuana

The calls are growing louder in the U.S. for the legalization of marijuana. Ohio is one step closer to becoming the fifth state to legalize marijuana.

Pot Penny Stocks That Have Crashed and Burned Since Highs of 2014

After the marijuana penny stock craze of 2014, several names have since crashed and burned.

Growers Struggle With Oversupply of Legal Pot in Washington State

Prices are starting to come down in Washington state's licensed pot shops, but due to the glut, growers are — surprisingly — struggling to sell their marijuana.

Legalized Pot Bringing in Tax Money to Colorado, But It's Modest

Legalized marijuana is bringing a tax boost to Colorado, but not the tsunami of cash one might have expected.

Cannabis Gains Political Importance, Makes Its Way To The Ballot

Amid the array of issues taking center stage in today's midterm elections, cannabis is a referenda on the ballot in three states.

Chocolate Giant Hershey Settles With Colorado Edible Pot Company

A Colorado marijuana company must recall or destroy its pot-infused edibles that resemble iconic Hershey treats as part of a settlement agreement with the chocolate company.

Legal Marijuana Helps To Transform One Denver Neighborhood

In Colorado an estimated 275 dispensaries are located in low income areas, but industry experts say their presence is improving the surrounding community.

Growth of Pot Plants Closely Monitored by Colorado

The process of growing, cultivating and harvesting marijuana is closely monitored by the state.

Research on 'Colorado's Rollout of Legal Marijuana is Succeeding'

Washington state is the second state to legalize marijuana for recreational use and may want to take notes.