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3 Reasons Why Marijuana's Momentum Is Stronger Than Ever

The North American Marijuana Index nearly tripled in the months leading up to Election Day.

The Canadian Cannabis Market Has a 'Lot of Room to Run'

Recreational marijuana in could be legalized and available to consumers in Canada as early as 2018.

These 3 Pot Stocks Could Light Up Your Portfolio

Pot stock investors could see green in 2017.

3 Pot Stocks Poised to Grow Like Weeds in 2017

The editor of Green Chip stocks names his top marijuana stocks for the coming year.

Why Donald Trump Could Become the 'Marijuana President'

The cannabis industry is adding jobs in America for a product that is now legally bought and sold. So why wouldn't Donald Trump want to be the 'marijuana president'?

Jim Cramer: Pot Boom Bullish for Scott's Miracle-Gro

Scott's Miracle-Gro is benefiting from the boom in marijuana growth, says Jim Cramer.

Here's How You Can Cash in on The Pot Revolution

You can cash in on the marijuana revolution, legally. Pot is legal in 28 states 9 states, and Washington D.C. allow recreational use.

Three Pot Stocks to Watch for 2017

Donald Trump was not the only big winner on Election Day. The cannabis industry got a spark as well.

Cannabis Industry 'Watershed Moment': Tuesday's Election

The marijuana industry may be an increasingly attractive area for investors, should voters approve ballot questions legalizing marijuana in Tuesday's elections.

Donald or Hillary? Doesn't Matter! Election Day Will Be Kind to Pot Biz

It does not matter if Donald or Hillary takes the White House. The cannabis movement will be big winners in November.