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Growing Warriors Set to Bring Industrial Hemp to Kentucky

Two military veteran brothers in Kentucky are fighting a battle to grow industrial hemp in the soil they served their country to defend, but they're up against the DEA.

New York Sends Medical Marijuana Bill to Finance Committee

New York gets closer to legalizing medicinal marijuana, which gives Jason Draizin's marijuana website another new group of customers.

Marijuana Documentary 'Rolling Papers' Needs Green From Kickstarter

Mitch Dickman, co-director of Rolling Papers, a documentary film about cannabis culture in Colorado, explains the challenges of funding through Kickstarter.

WebMD Says Doctors Want Marijuana as a Medical Option

Doctors want to use marijuana as a medical option for patients says WebMD.

Vapor Group Pre-Announces First Quarter Earnings

Vaporizer company Vapor Group pre-announced earnings on Thursday with gross revenues of approximately $1 million and a gross profit of over $500,000.

Will the NFL Soon Change Its Marijuana Policy?

ESPN reporter Don Graziano says a source inside the NFL tells him the league is considering raising the threshold for a positive marijuana test.

Medicinal Marijuana Vote in New York Senate Could Come in Weeks

New York State legislators could vote on medicinal marijuana within weeks, but it needs to pass the State's health committee and finance committee before coming to the floor.

GW Pharmaceuticals Shorts Take Gamble Ahead of Conference

Short interest for GW Pharmaceuticals jumped 228% during the last two weeks of April and ahead of its presentation at the Bank of America/Merrill Lynch Health Care Conference.

Connecticut Gets Closer to Producing Medical Marijuana

Advanced Grow Labs is one four companies licensed to cultivate medicinal marijuana for the state of Connecticut. It spent 2 years and $6 million to secure West Haven, CT for its grow facility.

Drug Delivery May Make Transformation in Light of Marijuana Economy

Panelists discussing the cannabis economy touted vaporizing devices as a more effective way to ingest medicine because it hits the bloodstream directly and bypasses the stomach.