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Cannabis-RX is Growing the Field of Marijuana Real Estate

Cannabis-RX has only been focused on the specialty field of marijuana real estate for a year, but is quickly ramping up.

GrowLife and Vape Holdings Terminate Joint Venture

There is little detail surrounding the termination of the joint venture between GrowLife and Vape Holdings.

Maureen Dowd Flames Out on Twitter After Reefer Madness

Colorado is issuing new edible marijuana legislation as a result of New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd's experience to prevent uneducated consumers from overdosing.

GW Pharmaceuticals Gets New York Clinical Trial for Kids

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced an agreement between New York State and GW Pharmaceuticals to develop a clinical trial for children with treatment-resistant epilepsy.

Florida Pot Legislation Relies on Your Grandparents' Medical Needs

The sunshine state is unique in the national trend toward legalization because of its large number of retirees and the aging patient population of medical marijuana users.

Congress Tells DEA to Stand Down on Legal Marijuana

Congress passed a measure that would deny the Drug Enforcement Agency to spend federal money interfering with state approved medical marijuana businesses.

Congress Takes on Marijuana for Next Year's Budget

Congress is voting on amendments to the fiscal 2015 appropriations bill that contain $51 billion in discretionary spending, some of which will go to the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Can Growing Hemp Cure PTSD in Iraq and Afghanistan War Vets?

Industrial hemp advocacy and the therapeutic bent to agriculture both come to a head in Healing Grounds, an organization started this year by Fred-Curtis Lewis.

Medical Marijuana Bill Stays Alive in NY Assembly

The New York Assembly passed its version of a medical marijuana bill on Tuesday.

Cannabis Legalization Evangelists Found Purpose In Difficult Loss

Mary Jane Jones and her son have become cannabis evangelists since the herb led their family to tragedy 20 years ago.