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Jushi Holdings Puts Growth Plans in High Gear

The cannabis cultivator and retailer plans to nearly double its number of dispensaries in 2021.

Democrat Wins Means Cannabis Wins

Georgia's election results have given the industry a big green light, meaning positive moves are expected out of cannabis stocks.

Cannabis Providers Ready to Go as New Jersey OKs Recreational Marijuana Use

Companies are adding capacity and outlets to take advantage of voters' decision this week to legalize adult-use cannabis.

New York Lays the Groundwork for Legalizing Cannabis

The potential of legal New York adult-use cannabis sales have been estimated at $1.5 billion a year by 2023.

Cannabis Sales Are Recovering From Covid-19, but Just How Much Is Debatable

The available data don't paint a clear picture of the extent of the rebound in sales in different states.

Is Psilocybin the New CBD?

As psychedelic medicines begin to become decriminalized, psilocybin seems to be leading the way in this category.

The Promise of Hemp Begins to Fade

There are huge problems now plaguing the industry, which was just beginning to recover from last year's oversupply issues.

GrowGeneration Remains Ready to Sprout

A fresh look at the budding hydroponic supplier.

GrowGeneration Should Generate Higher Prices Ahead Based on Bullish Charts

Traders interested in the retailer of hydroponic equipment should wait for some sideways trading action before probing the long side.

Play 'Spot the Themes' With Cannabis, Electric Cars and Biotech

It continues to be a very good market for aggressive traders that focus on stock-picking and sectors.