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It Was a Very Good Year for This Portfolio of 2018 Losers

The dozen stocks in this portfolio of companies that likely came under tax-loss selling pressure last year performed quite well as a group in 2019.

Deere in the Headlights: Where's the Stock Headed After Earnings?

There's one key price level to watch for these shares now.

Jim Cramer: Creating U.S. Jobs Is Good, Even if You Think Trump Is Bad

When I saw how the president's manufacturing tour with Apple's CEO was portrayed, I found it almost horrifying.

Rockwell Automation Charts Are Rocking With a Higher Price Target

Let's review the charts and indicators to see if more gains could be in the future for this industrial automation company.

Jim Cramer: There's One HubSpot Too Many

We have a shortage of great manufacturing companies, but way too many of the fast-growing, cloud-based, hype-growth stocks.

Rising Market Tide Gives This Deep Value Portfolio a Lift

Most of the 22 largely small-cap stocks that make up the portfolio are now in positive territory, with Hibbett Sports leading the way.

Illinois Tool Works Appears Ready to Ratchet Up Price

Our target for ITW for the months ahead is $225.

Deere Finally Breaks Out, So Fire Up Your Engine and Buy

After a big consolidation pattern going back nearly two years, the stock of the agricultural equipment giant is seeing the powerful results.

This Portfolio of Lovable 2018 Losers Puts on a Year-End Sprint

A handful of standouts among the dozen stocks that make up the Tax-Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio pushed the group higher over the last month.

Checking Out Earnings Action in the Sky and in the Earth

Boeing shareholders did not react well to its results, but American Airlines and Valero Energy fared better.