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Affirm's Bounce Fails to Impress Me

Don't expect AFRM to rally for long or go very far.

Molson Coors: Time for Another Round or to Be Cut Off?

Let's check the charts of these outperforming shares that up for the year.

RH and Its Charts Don't Have That Homey Feeling Right Now

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Roblox Stock Struggles to Get Back in the Game

With no bottom in sight, traders and investors should avoid the long side of the online gaming platform.

GlobalFoundries Has Not Found Its Footing

Here's how we'd play the chipmaker right now.

Crocs Is Still Slipping to the Downside on Its Charts

The footwear maker isn't seeing a lot of technical support at this point.

Transportation Is Still Iffy With XPO Logistics

Here's what the overall picture shows.

The Crust Is Rising at Papa John's But Its Charts Are Not

The technical signs of the pizza giant are largely painting a bearish picture.

American Electric Power Could Correct Lower

Let's see what the charts and indicators look like.

Don't Get Too Comfortable, Airbnb Could Decline Further

Let's review the charts and indicators.