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GlaxoSmithKline: The Charts Are Pointing Higher

Our latest analysis and trading strategy for the the big pharma stock.

Stitch Fix Shares Are Likely to Put Together a Move Higher

The charts and indicators of the online personalized apparel retailer look constructive enough to approach the stock from the long side.

Maxar Technologies Has Made a Huge Comeback but Its Rally May Be Over

Let's check to see if the charts are out of this world.

Starbucks Is in a Bullish Sweet Spot Now

Why it might be a good time to 'drink up' the stock.

CyprusOne Could Rally From Here but Risk Below the December Low

Let's check out the charts.

Lennar Could Build Strength but Its Charts Are Mixed

The home builder's technical signals are not extremely bearish but aren't pound-the-table bullish, either.

If You Buy Veeva Systems Here You Should Use a Sell Stop Below $137

Let's check out the charts.

Sail With Sea Limited -- but Know the Risks

The charts and indicators show possible targets that could wash up good returns, so it may pay to stay long SE.

Core Labs Needs to Develop a Base Pattern to Be Attractive

Avoid the long side of CLB.