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Watch: Alfa Romeo's Giulia Takes Center Stage at the Detroit Auto Show

Alfa Romeo's Giulia was named Motor Trend magazine's Car of the Year and did not disappoint at this year's Detroit auto show. Watch!

2018 Detroit Auto Show Preview: Autonomous Driving, Connected Cars, E-Mobility

The 2018 North American International Show in Detroit runs January 14-28 and it will not disappoint. From autonomous driving, connected cars, e-mobility, technology for sure will be in the driver's seat. Watch our preview now!

Video: Shopping Online with Your Holiday Gift Cards? Beware of This Dirty Secret

Using all those gift cards you got this holiday to catch some post-Christmas sales? Well be careful. Not every deal is as good as it looks! Watch this 60 Second Tip by Tracy Byrnes to find out more about online shopping's dirty little tax secret.

Snowstorm 2018 Slams New York, Wall Street Doesn't Slow Down (Watch Video)

It's the first snowstorm of 2018. Governor Andrew Cuomo declared the southern part of the state, including New York City, Westchester County and Long Island, a state of America. Watch the video to see how Wall Street faired.

Shark Tank Star Kevin O'Leary Reveals His Investing Playbook

Shark Tank star Kevin O'Leary is increasingly bullish on small-cap U.S. stocks as prospects for tax reform brighten.

BMW Gears Up to Sell Half a Million Electric Cars by 2019

BMW is mass-producing electric cars and hopes you'll be driving one very soon. So watch this video and find out when you'll be able to buy yours.

Video: Lamborghini Created the World's Fastest SUV

Attention Lamborghini lovers! Now you can speed off in style with their new SUV. And since the North American International Auto Show is in Detroit this weekend, we just have fast cars on our mind.

Christmas Movies to Watch - Netflix, Hallmark, Hulu, Amazon, Freeform and more

Happy Holidays! Have you opened your presents and eaten too many Christmas cookies? Maybe it's time to settle down for a long winter's nap... From Elf to Santa Clause to the Grinch, here are a few movie ideas to enjoy with your family.

What Is Port Wine? And Why You Should be Adding it to Your Holiday Menu

Everyone should be drinking more Port wine. It pairs perfectly with cheese and dessert, you can leave it open on your counter for weeks and where else can you get a 10-year-old wine for $20?

Last Minute Gift Buying and Money Saving Tips (Video)

It's no surprise that people overspend during the holidays! But there are some easy things you can do to save money and still buy great gifts. Watch the video for more.