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Jim Cramer: There Is a Secular Decline in Watchwear

There is a secular decline in watchwear and that will continue to weigh on Fossil, says TheStreet's Jim Cramer.

Private Jet Company Wheels Up Sees Surge in New Members This Year

Wheels Up is changing the way people think about private jet travel, according to Kenny Dichter, the company's CEO.

Are Flying Cars The Next Toy For The Ultra Wealthy?

Flying cars are moving closer to reality, according to Juraj Vaculik, CEO of AeroMobil, the company that has built such a prototype.

Wynn Resorts Tops Profit Forecasts, Macau Decline Less Than Expected

Shares of Wynn Resorts will be in the spotlight in Friday's trading session after posting better than expected first quarter results.

Ford Is Bringing Its Iconic F-150 Franchise to China Next Year

Ford will begin selling its F-150 Raptor SuperCrew, a high performance off-road pickup truck, in China starting in 2017, the company said on Friday.

Harley-Davidson CEO: Election Is Damaging The American Brand

Harley-Davidson's impressive first-quarter earnings beat was somewhat overshadowed by continued sluggishness in the U.S.

Christie’s Is About to Auction This Rare Blue Diamond for About $45 Million

Auction house Christie's is hoping one rare blue diamond will fetch more than $45 million at an upcoming auction.

For Some Diamonds, $4 Million a Carat Is the New Normal

You won't believe how much some diamonds are selling for.

JetSuite Unveils Affordable Private Jet Service for the West Coast

Flying out of town this weekend? You have a lot to look forward to.

Where Should Jim Cramer Eat in New Orleans?

TheStreet's Jim Cramer is looking for restaurant recommendations for his visit to New Orleans this weekend.