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Jaguar Sees Strong Demand for Its New F-PACE SUV

Jaguar isn't a name typically associated with SUVs, but consumers have taken to its new F-PACE SUV.

Here's Why Cocktails Are Hot Once Again

Whether its because of the Mad Men phenomena or the belief that the economy is slowly improving, spirits sales are on the rise.

For the Super Rich, Super Yachts are the Favorite Toys of the Moment

Super yacht sales hit a record as the wealthy look for news ways to seek adventure.

From the Hamptons to Miami, the Cool Kids Are Drinking Rosé

New Yorkers celebrate July 4th weekend at the beach, on a boat, or at backyard barbecues, often with a drink in hand.

Lincoln Bets Big on New 2017 MKZ Sedan

Lincoln aims to compete with the auto sector's most well-known luxury brands with its new 2017 MKZ sedan.

Domaine Clarence Dillon’s CEO Explains What Makes Bordeaux Wines Special

So what makes Bordeaux wines different than those produced in other regions around the world? Domaine Clarence Dillon CEO Prince Robert of Luxembourg explains.

We Took a Break From Wall Street to Sip Cognac Valued at $2,800

For cognac connoisseurs, there's nothing quite like sipping a finely aged and blended spirit.

Signet Jewelers Shares Shine Bright

Shares of Signet Jewelers rose during trading Friday.

Revlon To Acquire Rival Elizabeth Arden Paying $14 a Share

Revlon announced plans to acquire Elizabeth Arden in an all-cash deal after Thursday's market close.

Hamptons Real Estate Market to Rebound This Summer After Rough 2016 Start

The Hamptons real estate market is bound for sunnier days after a volatile stock market dinged prices in the beginning of 2016.