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Apple Could Break Out on Its Big Event, but Should See Support Even If It Falls

The iPhone maker's charts indicate its shares could climb on a favorable response to its new products but should have a safety net if observers are unimpressed.

Dividend Payments Never Are Out of Fashion With Tapestry

Fashion may be a fickle beast for stock prices, but solid, high-yielding dividend coverage is a buy every time.

Jim Cramer: 3 Amazing Displays of the Power of Prestige

Do you own stocks of companies whose products people will pay more for because they think they are prestigious?

Let's Hope for a Market Turnaround

Let's go over how the market is faring so far.

Rent the Runway co-founder Chats with Cramer on Equal Pay and a Good Pair Jeans

Jim Cramer recently spoke with Rent the Runway co-founder Jennifer Hyman on Mad Money recently. And #AlphaRising spoke with her partner Jenny Fleiss a few months ago Watch now!

Video: Best Presidents Day Deals!

The sales on Presidents Day are generally pretty epic. As are the stock prices of some of the retail stocks, even in the midst of this shaky market. And since "shaky" may be an understatement, consider a little retail therapy this weekend and watch our video to take advantage of some of these great sales!

5 of the Hottest Items Sold by Outdoor Brands

Outdoor apparel is on fire! And its sales are beating out fashion apparel. Because who doesn't love the great outdoors?! But you're going to need some gear. And here are the top five items you've been buying. Watch!

The Millennials Are Changing the Wine World (Video and Podcast)

The millennials are big wine drinkers but they're drinking differently than their parents and that's a great thing for the wine world. The World Wine Guys, Mike De Simonne and Jeff Jenssen stopped by -- with wine! -- to talk about it all.

2018 Super Bowl Ad: Hyundai Feels The Pain of Pee Wee Soccer Parents

With tons of auto ads airing during this Super Bowl LII, Hyundai attempts to differentiate itself by dropping Hollywood in lieu of every parent who faithfully stand on the sidelines at pee wee soccer games. Watch the video here!

2018 Super Bowl Ad: Michelob Ultra Recruits 'Perfectly Fit' Chris Pratt

Michelob Ultra's Super Bowl beer ad wants you to believe that the 95-calorie beer, you'll look like actor super fit Chris Pratt.