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My Pick for 2020? You Won't Believe It's Been on Your Screen All Along

This company made headlines in 2019, and I'm betting on it as a great play -- in many senses of the word -- for this new year.

Simon Says: Give This Mall Stock a Shot

Malls are supposed to be left for dead, but Simon Property Group is poised to give solid returns.

Design a Good Trade With This Fashion Brand

Designer Brands fell sharply this week and now it's a bargain for investors.

Despite EPS Beat, Ulta Beauty Just Doesn't Look That Good

With competition from the likes of Sephora and slow revenue growth, ULTA seems to be losing its shine, but here's how to play it.

Constellation Brands Lacks a Guiding Spirit

Those looking for dividends from STZ should be cautious as consumers swap out beer for wine and distilled drinks, fires rage in California and tariffs hit European imports.

Apple Could Break Out on Its Big Event, but Should See Support Even If It Falls

The iPhone maker's charts indicate its shares could climb on a favorable response to its new products but should have a safety net if observers are unimpressed.

Dividend Payments Never Are Out of Fashion With Tapestry

Fashion may be a fickle beast for stock prices, but solid, high-yielding dividend coverage is a buy every time.

Jim Cramer: 3 Amazing Displays of the Power of Prestige

Do you own stocks of companies whose products people will pay more for because they think they are prestigious?

Let's Hope for a Market Turnaround

Let's go over how the market is faring so far.

Rent the Runway co-founder Chats with Cramer on Equal Pay and a Good Pair Jeans

Jim Cramer recently spoke with Rent the Runway co-founder Jennifer Hyman on Mad Money recently. And #AlphaRising spoke with her partner Jenny Fleiss a few months ago Watch now!