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Jim Cramer: Can Musk Really Explain Away These Inconsistent Numbers?

Elon Musk will have a tough time saying the latest delivery numbers are immaterial when he faces off against Judge Alison Nathan in his contempt hearing.

More Mud on Johnson & Johnson?

There's been enough news with the lawsuits around this name to get the emotion back into the stock. Emotion often leads to volatility.

Chart of the Day: Alphabet Has a History of Expensive Infractions in Europe

Alphabet has amassed quite the tab from the European Union.

Jim Cramer: Elon Musk's Contempt Citation Is Beyond the SEC

This is about an attack on the Judiciary, and Judge Alison Nathan is likely to act swiftly. How should Tesla shareholders respond?

Chart of the Day: Just How Big Was Marriott's Data Breach?

Context and transparency are key aspects to consider at Marriott.

Alphabet's Healthcare Initiative Squares Off With Amazon, Apple

Healthcare is attracting some very healthy competition among mega-cap names.

Chart of the Day: Why Investors Aren't Reacting to Another Scandal at Facebook

With a blowout earnings result the latest scandal isn't impacting shares.

How to Play Johnson & Johnson Now That Earnings Are Out

There's a lot of runway left to adjust guidance numbers moving forward.

Real Money Report Card: Big Week for Bank Earnings

Banks' quarterly reports mean quarterly grades are due.

Johnson & Johnson Stock May Take a While to Rebound From Talc Hit

Shares have fallen hard, despite the company's vehement scientific and legal defense.