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Crude Oil Rebounds Today After a Prolonged Slump in Price

Crude oil prices threaten to crack $50 a barrel, just weeks to go before OPEC and other producers have to sign off on a new deal to hold down production.

Serious Backlash Motivates United Airlines to Make a Change

United's Airlines has enacted a new rule for it's employees.

United Is Facing a Public Relations Nightmare After Viral Video

An effort to boycott United Airlines is underway on social media after a video surfaced showing a passenger being forcibly removed from a United plane.

Axon CEO Rick Smith Defends His Decision to Offer Police Departments Free Body Cameras

Body camera company Axon (formerly TASER International) is offering police departments a free one-year trial for its body cameras.

Mark Kranz Offered Immunity From Prosecution in Ailes Investigation

Authorities are looking into whether Fox News allegedly misled investors by hiding the many financial settlements with its former employees.

Federal Prosecutors Investigate North Korean Link to Theft at New York Fed

Federal prosecutors are currently building a case against North Korea

One Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Reacts to Preet Bharara's Firing

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Matthew Schwartz discusses his time working for U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, who was fired over the weekend by the Trump administration.

NYC Sues Verizon Over Lack of Promised Fiber Optic Coverage

Verizon promised to have Fios available in all city dwellings by 2014

Caterpillar Denies Breaking Tax Laws

Caterpillar denies allegations that it broke tax laws, a week after IRS agents raided its Peoria, Ill., offices.

Caterpillar Stock Drops on Reports of Tax Fraud

Caterpillar's offices were raided last week by federal investigators.