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Highlights from Jim Comey's Testimony on Thursday

On Thursday Former FBI Director James Comey took to Capitol Hill to answer questions regarding Donald Trump's conduct during the end Comey's tenure

Investors Brace for Former FBI Director Comey Testimony Today

Wall Street seems less worried about potential charges or impeachment than last week.

Utah Senator Mike Lee Previews Thursday's Hearing With Former FBI Director James Comey

What to watch in Thursday's Comey testimony.

NSA Contractor Arrested for Leaking Classified Information to the Media

The Justice Department has announced charges against an NSA contractor for allegedly leaking classified information to a news organization.

Global Financial News: Global Equity Market Rally Gathers Pace

Global Equity Market Rally Gathers Pace

Midday Report: S&P 500's Record Run at Risk; Crude Oil Prices Slide, Drag on Wall Street

Another decline in crude oil prices threatened to end a seven-day winning streak for the S&P 500 and Nasdaq.

Zillow Is Offering $1 Million and a Job to Anyone Who Can Help Improve Zestimate

Zillow is on a mission to improve its Zestimate algorithm, which has an already low 5% error rate.

Akzo Nobel Shareholders Are Taking the Company to Court to Remove Chairman Antony Burgmans

Shareholders of Dutch chemical maker Akzo Nobel are taking the company to court.

Protestors Demand the Resignation of Brazilian President Michel Temer

Protestors took to the streets in Brazil over the weekend to demand the resignation of Brazilian President Michel Temer.

Roger Ailes' Complicated Legacy

Media Columnist Ken Doctor looks at Roger Ailes legacy.