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Edwards Lifesciences Is Poised for Upside Breakout

Consider adding or going long above this critical price level.

DexCom Shares Could Weaken Still Further in the Months Ahead

Investors continue to be more aggressive sellers of DXCM.

Here's What Gilead Sciences Needs to Restart an Uptrend

The shares have been weak since early May.

Veeva Systems Charts Have Turned Neutral

Avoid the long side for now.

DexCom Could Work Itself Lower in the Weeks Ahead

A 'careful' approach is in order for traders.

Biogen Surges on Anticipation of Blockbuster Drug Treatment Approval

I'll need to see more price action first.

The Rally in Thermo Fisher Scientific Is Not Over

TMO has one of the most stable-looking uptrends around.

Is It Time to Sell Seagen Shares?

Let's take a fresh look at the charts and indicators.

Shares of Quidel Could Eventually Rally, Wait to Buy Strength

Overall I think QDEL can trade higher.

Go Slow on Any DexCom Purchases for Now

Let's review the charts and indicators.