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AIG Identifies 2 Internal Candidates to Replace CEO Robert Benmosche

American International Group's search for its next chief executive to replace CEO Robert Benmosche has narrowed down to two internal candidates: Peter Hancock and Jay Wintrob.

WebMD Delivers Healthy Quarterly Earnings Topping Analysts’ Estimates

WebMD on Wednesday reported earnings of $0.15 a share on $133.8 million in revenues, reflecting momentum across its business driven by increased adoption of its multi-screen offerings.

Why Mixing Dollars and Doctors Is a Healthy Idea

Approximately one-quarter or your retirement expenses will be spent on healthcare so individuals need to save and invest accordingly, says Douglas Wolford, President of Convergent Wealth Advisors. Wolford says one idea is to start shopping early for a concierge doctor or an Accountable Care Organization (ACO). He also suggests procuring long term care insurance well before you need it. Finally, Wolford advocates keeping up with changes in health laws and practicing preventive medicine.

7.1 Million People Enrolled In Obamacare Health Care Program

President Obama announced on Tuesday that 7.1 million people have signed up for health care under the Affordable Care Act, helping the administrator reach its target.

CEOs Downplay Health Care Mandate

Several CEOs at the ICR XChange conference downplayed the effect of new health care requirements, but Jan Kniffen thinks the costs will be higher than they will admit.