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U.S. Federal Regulators Investigating Honda For Incomplete Reports

Federal regulators are investigating whether Honda Motor Co. failed to report deaths and injuries that occurred in its vehicles.

UnitedHealth Profits Beat with Expanded Services for Public and Seniors

The biggest health insurer in the U.S., UnitedHealth Group, saw a healthy expansion of its services in the latest quarter.

Walmart Plans To Offer One-Stop Health Coverage Shopping

Walmart is taking one-stop shopping to another area: health insurance.

United Rentals, Universal Health Services to be Added to S&P 500

Equipment lender United Rentals and hospital operator Universal Health Services will be added to the S&P 500 effective after the close of trading on Friday, September 19.

As Life Expectancies Rise, Death Care Stocks Offer Opportunities

As life expectancies increase, RealMoney Pro contributor Chris Versace reveals ways investors can play the aging U.S. population.

AMN Healthcare CEO: Demand Not Diminishing for Doctors, Nurses

AMN Healthcare Services shares and results have bounced back in the past quarter because hospital managers have become more confident about their staffing needs, said AMN's CEO Susan Salka.

Warren Buffett Wants Everyone to Know the Geico Green Lizard

Warren Buffett first fell in love with Geico in 1951 and more than six decades later, he still sees growth in the insurance underwriter.

Insurance Myths: Common Misconceptions Debunked to Save Your Wallet

Common Misconceptions Debunked to Save Your Wallet

Healthequity's Founder & CEO on Future of America's Health Care

HealthEquity (HQY) shares are higher on their first of trading on the Nasdaq.

Merrill Lynch: Longer Living Boomers Better Plan Ahead

Cynthia Hutchins, Director of Gerontology at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, says Boomers may have to work longer and should seek out a financial planner to establish a strategy.