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Apple Tees Up for a Protracted Battle With the Government

Apple is gearing up for a long battle with the government over encryption according to one expert, in a case that could land in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Says FBI Kerfuffle ‘Doesn’t Scare Us’

Apple CEO Tim Cook is standing up for his company, amid growing pressure from the FBI to unlock the iPhone of the San Bernardino killer.

If Apple is Ordered to Hack One iPhone, Could Your iPhone be Next?

A judge’s order requiring Apple to hack into an iPhone touches on issues that range from privacy, to security, and encryption.

Bernie Madoff Is Back in the Spotlight in ABC’s New Miniseries ‘Madoff’

Bernie Madoff is back in the spotlight seven years after his multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme came to light.

How The Supreme Court & Salman Could Redefine Insider Trading

The United States Supreme Court's decision to hear a case that could have wide-ranging implications for traders on Wall Street and policymakers in Washington DC.

VW Chairman Apologizes for Emissions Scandal, Shows Off New Concept Car at CES

Volkswagen Chairman Dr. Herbert Diess took to the stage, apologizing for the emissions scandal, while trying to move forward by showing off a new concept car.

Closing Bell: Weight Watchers Gains on Oprah Ad; Stocks Slip

It's the second-last day of trading for the year and stocks appeared determined to close just where they started.

Midday Report: Weight Watchers Sees New Year's Boost; Stocks Slip

Stocks were sharply lower after reopening following the Christmas break week nd.

Caitlyn Jenner And Contrarian Ideas To Shape 2016 Global Trends

2016 Will see people globally continue to embrace contrarian ideas and celebrate diversity.

Why the Feds Could Seize Martin Shkreli's Wu-Tang Album

David Miller, partner at Morgan Lewis and former prosecutor, talks with Lee Pacchia about the indictment of Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli on securities fraud charges.