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Jim Cramer: The Government Isn't a Reason to Sell Facebook or the FAANG Stocks

Better luck next time: The Federal Court beat down the FTC and the states in it's case against FB.

Gun and Ammo Stocks Soar as Demand Keeps Growing

Current events and the prospects of more restrictive gun laws are driving sales.

International Investment Into Indonesia Improved With Huge New Law

The Omnibus Law has finally passed in Indonesia, implementing a decade's worth of reform in one fell swoop.

Johnson & Johnson's Fine May Be the Pin Prick That Keeps Bleeding

By failing to settle like Purdue Pharma, JNJ is taking a risky gamble that could open itself up to many more state court battles and penalties.

Jumia CEO Sacha Poignonnec Responds to Citron's Incendiary Short Report

Executive slams short-seller Andrew Left's report.

'Amazon of Africa' Is More Like a Nigerian Prince Scam, Says This Shortseller

Shortseller Andrew Left says Jumia's post IPO stock jump is built on fraud.

A Review of the Regulatory Hurdles Remaining for the CVS Aetna Acquisition

Aetna's additive effects on CVS's earnings might be front and center, but it isn't fully actualized just yet.

A Review of Judge Nathan's Positions as Elon Musk's Contempt Hearing Kicks Off

Tesla's CEO is encountering an experienced jurist on Thursday.

Facebook Re-elects Controversial Board Member Peter Thiel

Facebook held its annual shareholding meeting today and media reports confirm it's keeping all current members including billionaire Peter Thiel on the board.

Beefing Up Europe's National Antitrust Busters: White & Case's Komninos Shares Reform Thoughts

European Commission considers expanding the role of national competition authorities in the EU's 28 member countries, White & Case Case LLP partner shares his views on areas of possible reform.