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Markets Looks Ahead, Not Backward

With a sharp advance off the recent lows perhaps the stock market sees less bad down the road - for now.

Cramer: The Stock Market Is Now Divided Into 3 Buckets - And One Is Unfortunate

The problem for index fund owners is they own all three buckets and there are a lot more companies in the third bucket than in the first two.

I'm Not Very Trustful of Sustained Upside Momentum in the Indices

This argument of fully discounting the economic damage that has been done is at the heart of the current market debate.

Technical Support Is Holding While Economic Uncertainty Continues to Build

The big question at this point is whether the market has overshot in predicting that the worse is over.

A Bull Market in Confusion

How can we trade so strongly amid massive unemployment, a collapse in oil, and numerous other economic issues that are just starting to unfold?

The Week Ahead: Jobless Claims, PMI Data and 35 Key Earnings Reports to Watch

More than 450 quarterly reports are on tap, including 105 S&P 500 constituents.

Behavioral Change and the Economic Recovery

And when it comes to gyms and fitness, I would much rather be long Planet Fitness than Peloton. Not even close.

Bears Are Capitulating but This Still Is Just a Very Large Counter-Trend Bounce

There is likely to be some period of consolidation as market players assess the many crosscurrents that are occurring.

Assessing the Economic Damage Continues as Hope of Reopening the Economy Builds

There will be some long-lasting changes in behavior that will impact the economy in many ways as it recovers.

Jim Cramer: I Don't Think Covid-19 Is Invincible

When it's beaten you will wish you own stocks, especially the stocks that are right now lethal to your portfolio.