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A Hot CPI Report Makes a Recession a Near Certainty

Odds that the Fed will hike rates 1% at its next meeting went from 2% on Tuesday to 75% Wednesday afternoon.

The Fed Has Only One Job Right Now

Will the central bank be true to its word?

June Jobs Report Bolsters Case for Hawkish Fed

The wage inflation story here is important.

7 Biotech Stocks I'm Buying As They Lead a Market Bounce

It has been a mistake to trust momentum to last in this environment.

Recession Signs, Sacrifice Ratio, When the Worm Usually Turns, 3 Trading Baskets

Because markets start the week technically oversold, I'm suggesting slicing and dicing portfolios into baskets.

Fed Reaction and Takeaways: The Statement, The Projections, The Balance Sheet

I have never seen a market downturn end on its own, without the Fed turning dovish as a catalyst or in response to some crisis-level situation.

Period of Adjustment, Jobs Watch, Chipper Chips, Muted Volume, RH Deep Dive

Stocks of all stripes staged a nice rally on Thursday, but keep in mind that it was on lighter volume as investors were awaiting the May jobs report.

Bulls Have the Advantage, But Economic Uncertainty Isn't Going Away

Though not technically in a bear market, is difficult to imagine that the S&P 500 can withstand the biggest economic shift in many years.

It All Comes Down to Jobs and Prices

As the battle against inflation rages on, we're now up against Friday's jobs report. Here's my take on both.

The Market May Not Care Yet, but This Hiring Pace Is Not Normal

Sure, the jobs number lined up with expectations and the market didn't really budge on the big number. But let's take a close look at these figures and see why it's getting a little too hot in here.