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Jim Cramer: Jay Powell Is Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place

I am urging the Fed chair to wait as there will be adjustments and innovations that keep labor costs down.

The Week Ahead: The Fed, Jobs and 15 Key Earnings Reports to Watch

It's going to be one hectic week.

Jim Cramer: Bed Bath & Beyond Demonstrates Our Systemic Deflation

This is why using the Philips Curve, in a vacuum, is misleading.

The Market in 2019: The Best of Times, The Worst of Times?

Stocks look very reasonably valued to start the new year.

How to Play the Opposite of Conventional Wisdom on Capital Markets

I am increasingly convinced the only way to generate sustainable trading profits is to wait until the market overreacts and take the opposite side.

Jobs Report and Jay Powell 'Dove'tail Nicely in Market Surge

These are not numbers that suggest that the economy is on the verge of falling into recession.

Jim Cramer: I Applaud Fed Chief Powell For Wanting to Be More Flexible

Memo to Powell: keep listening, be patient, and enjoy the employment gains.

This Stock Market: Like Dry Wood Waiting for a Spark

When the crowd becomes excessively bearish as insiders gobble up stock, it is usually coincident with a market bottom.

Blowout Jobs Report May Have the Fed Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place

From a jobs perspective, I can't imagine a much better report. From the market's perspective, this could be really tricky.

Jim Cramer: Trust This Market? It Remains Treacherous

Now the unnerving thing about this market is that when it gets on a negative roll it blows through all convention.