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The Market Struggles to Hold Key Technical Support as It Prices in Higher Rates

The argument that the market has fully discounted the economic chaos that lies ahead is extremely hard to justify.

Waiting on the Fed, Jobs, Powell on the Hill, Dimon, Moynihan, Trading Defense

The Fed Chair will have to, once gain, thread the needle this week.

Can The Market Handle Hot Inflationary News?

Technical conditions are favorable, but there are four big news events coming up before the next Fed meeting on March 22.

Sizing Up Stocks and Bonds as a Cornucopia of Jobs Data Awaits

Credit is looking strong and stocks seem to be responding well to spending cuts, but zero days to expiration options are a wild card.

Making Sense of It All, Central Banks, Earnings Highlights, Jobs Week

Here's what I think mattered more than anything else late last week as the market rallied.

Looking For Mr. Good Bull

The market is holding up at key resistance, but the bulls need some positive news flow in order to build momentum.

Ugliness Lurking, Inflation Pressure, Flash PMI, Awful Breadth, Defense Stocks

As Chinese President Xi Jinping visits Moscow, the US warned it won't hesitate to sanction Chinese companies that support the Russian invasion.

It's Decision Time for Bulls and the Market

The market is at a very important juncture.

Delving Into Dell's Charts After It Joins the List of Tech Layoffs

What's next for the shares?

A Simply Stunning Jobs Report: What You Need to Know

Anyone at the Fed worried at all about job and wage-driven inflation will have to talk hawkish now.