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Market Gets Needed Rest, but Tomorrow It's Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

How will investors view the jobs report -- that's a tough call as we battle inflation and recession at the same time.

With the Jobs Report on Tap, 3 Other Issues Are Equally Important for Investors

Here's what to expect in Friday's numbers, as well as my single biggest concern right now.

Poor Positioning Is Driving This Buying Frenzy, but Volatility Is About to Surge

In the last 15 years, we have never really had a strong market rally at the same time we have had a hawkish Fed.

Resilient Equities, Fed, Treasury Markets, Jobs, Credit Card Debt, Trading AMD

Several Fed officials were out and about on Tuesday, and what they did was cause a selloff across Treasury markets.

Call It Whatever You Like, But There Is No Denying an Economic Slowdown

In much the same way many said we can't have a bear market if the indexes are still holding up, some now argue we can't have a recession if employment is still in good shape.

The Market Likes the Fed Pivot, But Can It Generate Sustained Momentum?

We can still have significant economic slowing, and the negative impact that entails -- even if it doesn't fit some exact definition

Ugly News From Philly, Indexes Pass the Test, Trading ServiceNow and KLA

Plus, should Thursday's slower trading volume be a concern, and what's up with the Fed's balance sheet?

Changing Sentiment, Bad Headlines, Reality Bites, Bright Side, Apple of My Eye

Enough portfolio managers are acting out of a fear that they missed the very tradeable mid-June bottom and may have been under-invested over the past month.

I'm Seeing 3 Early Themes This Earnings Season

I expect a steep decline in monthly job gains in the months ahead.

Amid Erratic Market, We Can Make Some Educated Guesses

Here's my view on the chance of a recession, rate hikes and liquidity.