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How Bad Will Unemployment Get, and How Might It Rebound?

The historic April jobs report provides clues on what to expect from here.

There Are Few Things That Are Typical About This Market

We have little choice but to respect the price action above all else.

Understanding This Market Action Is Hard, Trading It Is Even Harder

Momentum traders are unusually aggressive and 'Fear of Missing Out' is running rampant, but how long can this action persist?

Watching Nonfarm Payrolls, Trading Roku, Negative Yields

Trading volume is increasing with strong internals, but nonfarm payrolls -- reporting on Friday -- are expected to be abysmal.

There Are No Historic Precedents for This Market Action

The pockets of extremely strong momentum as 20 million people lose their jobs creates great confusion for those that are trying to apply logic to the market.

It's Big Earnings, Fed Vs. Reality of Job Losses, Consumer Spending

Unemployment and buying news put a damper on the action, but it is Amazon and Apple earnings that will determine short-term sentiment.

Jim Cramer: Consider the Fed and Treasury Ad Hoc Insurers Demanding No Premium

Maybe it ends up being a small price to pay to avoid a depression.

Why I'm Bullish About the Reopening

No, I don't believe we'll suddenly bounce back to where we were at January's highs, but here's what I believe will go right.

Markets Looks Ahead, Not Backward

With a sharp advance off the recent lows perhaps the stock market sees less bad down the road - for now.

Cramer: The Stock Market Is Now Divided Into 3 Buckets - And One Is Unfortunate

The problem for index fund owners is they own all three buckets and there are a lot more companies in the third bucket than in the first two.