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Investors Can Expect Several Reality Checks in April

Don't be lulled to sleep by the recent stabilization in the market.

Avoid This Index ETF as It Sits in a Vulnerable Position

The underlying index of the ETF continues to look weak.

Bank Crisis, Dimon's Tough Talk, Fed, Financial Markets, JOLTS, Trading C3.ai

Markets are in safety mode in anticipation of a potential acceleration of any coming economic recession.

As Recession Fears Grow, Insider Buying Has Me Feeling Good About This Pick

When bad news gets a negative reaction, that's when we know the market is starting to worry about a potential recession.

The Bears Are Wrong Until the Price Action Shifts

Price action drives the market narrative, which is why the bulls are in control.

Meta's Job Cuts Push the Stock Higher, But Is It Sustainable?

Let's see if the firm is back on track.

Simplifying Complexity Theory, SVB Monkey Wrench, Battered Banks, Jobs Day

The troubles at SVB Financial once again raise the question of just how interlocking the financial system is.

SVB Financial's Issues Raise Fears of More Troubles Lurking Beneath the Surface

The question becomes whether the problems at the parent of Silicon Valley Bank are more than just an isolated incident.

Hello S&P 500 Trendline, My Old Friend

This is the key to determining if the current bull trend will continue, or is about to end.

What Powell Said, Fuel for the Fire, Biden's Budget, Bond Yields, Trading AMD

Why get excited about the ADP print when by Friday morning, regardless of outcome, your brain will immediately discard it as meaningless?