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An Ugly Jobs Report

In a declining market, yield will be your friend.

What the Jobs Report Means and How I'm Positioned

The 20,000 payroll gain is very suspect. I'm watching, but I want to see confirming evidence.

The Fed, Economic Data and What to Expect From Friday's Jobs Report

Economic signs point to slower growth, not a recession, in 2019.

Chase the Opportunity, Not the Market

Even the algos are running out of ammunition in this trendless market.

The Week Ahead: Jobs Reports, Fed Beige Book and 9 Big Earnings Results to Watch

Here's what investors should be watching this week.

Jim Cramer: Once Again Jerome Powell Is a Friend of the Bulls, Not the Enemy

The fact that Fed Chair Powell knows that things are slowing down may be the best thing this market has going for it.

A Tale of Two Toy Makers

Hasbro and Mattel management outlined one key factor in their dichotomous results.

What the Super Bowl Can Teach Us About Our Portfolio: Market Recon

And why maintaining a small position in defense stocks is important.

A Busy Week of News Keeps Stocks Running Higher

The worst December in a very long time led to the best January since 1987.

The Implications of Friday's Jobs Report

For those fearing a recession was developing, it doesn't seem to be the case.