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The Market's Question: Is Inflation or a Downturn the Big Problem?

We should find some clues when the Fed speaks on Wednesday.

Lower Inflation and the End of Hikes Doesn't Mean Stocks Are Ripe to Rally

The age of ZIRP, TINA and FOMO was very different than now.

Frigid PPI, Jobless Claims Climb, Money Market Mania, Charting Gold's Course

Plus, market participants ignore harbingers of recession for at least one day as stocks rise Thursday, though on muted volume.

Market Gauntlet, CPI Analysis, 'Scary' Minutes, What to Watch on Bank Earnings

The constant growth in continuing claims has been this economy's dirty little secret for several months now.

Here's the Problem (and My Strategy) If You're Playing the Game of Risk

Analysts are often reluctant to update forecasts, or just don't bother to update them, so they have a built-in 'lag' effect.

2 Stocks Showing Conviction From Corporate Insiders

In my quest for conviction in an uncertain market, a well-known large-cap and and lesser-known small-cap name both appeared on my screen

We Know One Group Pleased With the Jobs Report: The Fed

The establishment survey's non-farm print of 236,000 helps make the 'soft landing' case. Let's dig into the details, and see why the tight-rope walk continues.

What the 'Weird' March Jobs Report Means for Stocks, Bonds and the Fed

Here's what I expect for interest rates, credit and equities going forward.

Economic Weakness, Storm Cometh, Bond Yields, Semis Hit, AI Wars, Costco Sales

In perhaps the most overt signal of a coming economic contraction, the Treasury yield curve continues to warp.

Rotational Action Hits Hard as Recession Worries Climb

No longer is a slow economy viewed as a positive because it is anti-inflationary.