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Jobs Report Is a Welcome Surprise -- But Not as Great as It Seems

What happened? And what does it mean for the recovery?

Jim Cramer: The Next Place to Go? Auto Stocks

People will still go to work. They just won't carpool and they won't take the train. They will drive.

Market Leaps Higher on Shockingly Strong Jobs News

The good news today isn't being sold but we have to stay vigilant and see if the positive price action continues.

It's a Stock Market Bubble

An unrelenting rise combined with wild small-cap speculation in a difficult economy has market players struggling to understand what's going on.

Jim Cramer: What's Normalcy in This Country?

We're cheering what may be an aberration, a bullish employment number. We'll take what it brings - a wholesale shift in what we're buying and what we're selling to fund it.

Jim Cramer: We Have a Rip Snorting Rally Unfathomable 2 Months Ago

So what's the narrative? Simple: the recession is ending, it turned out to be a V recession and recovery after all.

Jim Cramer: What's Really Driving This Market?

The thought that one of these more than 100 attempts to tame Covid-19 pays off.

Coming This Summer: A Lot Less Travel and a Lot More Market Action

That doesn't mean we'll move straight up over the summer, but we'll get plenty of virus, China, stimulus, cannabis, and unemployment chatter.

Jim Cramer: Why Is the Market Down? It's Simple

The market may be down but, once again, the decline's about the White House getting re-tough on China.

Jim Cramer: Welcome to the New World of Sole Proprietorship

It's amazing, a celebration of small business creativity unleashed by a pandemic that will never be snuffed and this wave deserves our patronage and our money.