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What Is This Poor Payroll Report Telling Us?

I don't want to overreact to a single month, markets are looking past it, but carefully watch other indicators as well.

The Depressing Jobs Report Certainly Offers Some Short Ideas

Hedge your longs with shorts on companies whose business is quite literally drying up.

The Facts of the Matter, Jobs Numbers Game, Stimulus Saga, Stall or No Stall

Plus, what really is going to be the shape of this recovery?

Redfield's Dire Outlook, Cybersecurity Stocks, Bond Spreads, Growth Stalling?

At some point, there will be a fiscal support package passed -- but only when both sides think they can take the credit.

It Has Been Quite the Month, but I'm Preparing for the Next Market Hiccup

The strong rally in equities in November has been welcome, but there are abundant reasons to be cautious going forward.

My Big Takeaways on Friday's Payrolls Report

I see almost nothing here not to like, and it shows plenty of signs that the labor market is actually gaining steam.

Election Hopes, Buoyant Banks, Labor Labors Less, FDA's Remdesivir Thumbs Up

Plus, a quick look at Southwest Airlines and why it remains the one airline to own.

An OK Thursday, Man vs. Machine, Labor Labors, QE Forever?: Market Recon

Plus, we check in on Peloton and Datadog and the Nasdaq Composite Index.

Covid Surges, Playing Politics, Charting the Nasdaq and S&P 500, U.S. Outlook

Markets have certainly recovered nicely off of the lows of late September. Now, here in mid-October, it feels like it did that cold night back in 1980-something. The wolves are visible and noisy.

Jim Cramer: Hey Washington, Have a Heart for the Millions in the 'Fourth Lane'

Right now our policy on new stimulus is defaulting to 'to heck with the fourth lane' and all who ride on it. That's a crying shame.