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If You're Looking for Normalcy on the Horizon, You Likely Won't Find It

From an inability to rein in COVID-19 to a continued struggle among employers to find enough help, the year isn't fulfilling its promise of hope.

Slowing Economic Growth, Trading Ford and Apple, Playing GameStop Earnings

The spread of COVID's latest and scariest variants continue to warp economies across the planet, preventing commerce from functioning more normally.

Where to Now? Asking a Prussian General, Job Winds Change, Seasonality, TINA

In isolation, rapidly slowing economic growth coupled with rapidly rising inflation would bring about stagflation, a phenomenon most younger Americans don't seem to understand should be feared.

Macro Issues Are Just Micro Concerns for This Market

Great speculative trading and stock-picking were the most notable aspects of the market this week.

What the 'Messy' August Jobs Report Means for Investors and the Fed

This payroll result should be a reminder that just because there aren't a lot of new legal restrictions doesn't mean consumers won't change behavior.

With 'Stagflation Lite' on the Horizon, I'm Waltzing Into 2 Cheap Stocks

Despite my pessimism on the market, when the music is playing you have to dance.

Jobs Day Jolt, So-So Thursday, Manchin Is the Man, DocuSign Language

Plus, Morgan Stanley sharply lowers its third-quarter GDP expectations and Dr. Fauci provides little COVID comfort.

Indices Look Vulnerable, But Trading Environment Remains Fruitful

Get ready for the monthly jobs news in front of a long weekend.

Stall Speed? Jobs Gut Punch, Taiwan Worries, Mu Variant, Trading AbbVie

What if areas of expected growth in labor market demand moving forward do not materialize?

Energy Sector, Powell Speak, Labor Market, Booster Shots, Trading Kratos Defense

While all cyclical equity sectors did well, last week's push into more economically sensitive equities was indeed led by the energy sector.