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Tariffs, Jobs Report and How to Position Your Portfolio: Market Recon

Market indices are close enough to their apex where profits can be taken and cash be raised intelligently.

Why Rates Really Can't Rise Much From Here

Beware the old way of thinking about the Fed.

Bulls Still Optimistic the Economy Is Weak Enough for Rate Cuts

It is an odd dynamic right now with the Fed being more important than the actual economy.

The Reaction to the Jobs Report Is More Important Than the Hard News

Next week I will be shorting stocks. A lot of them. I cannot wait.

Jobs Report: How the Fed Will and Investors Should Read the Latest Numbers

It's time to move past the 'bad news is good news and vice versa' mentality.

Is Bad Economic News Still a Market Positive?

If today's jobs news is weak again the likelihood of a July cut will be a near certainty.

Midday Monday Marked by Steady Selling

But close will be key to start of busy week following the China-trade truce, with the jobs report due Friday and the July 4 holiday nearly here.

Old Mo, Tariffs Weaponry, a Need for Easing and AMD Revives: Market Recon

President Trump uses economic leverage instead of infantry divisions to defend U.S. interests, and Advanced Micro Devices regains lost ground.

A Perfect Storm of Dovishness

Here's what happened to produce the best week of the year for the stock market.

U.S. Economy: Even in June, Winter Is Coming

Shorting individual stocks is going to be a very lucrative summer trade.