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Now Playing: The Bad News Bulls Meet AMD and the Jobs Report

No one wants to take on risk in the stock market when they can get 4% in a Treasury guaranteed, with no risk.

Cannabis Stocks Get a Long-Awaited Pardon as Traders Await Friday's Jobs Report

There was some interesting action under the surface in the market Thursday .

5 Stocks on My Shopping List to Buy When the Time Is Right

I'm not concerned about buying at the lows. I am concerned about buying when I think there will be a sustained uptrend.

The Fed Must Change Its Pace

Last week's plunge in U.K. gilts was a warning shot across the bow of central banks everywhere.

Gem of a Tuesday, JOLTS Jolt, OPEC+ Roils Oil, Dipping Into Chips

Plus, we focus on Micron Technology's enormous US investment plans and take a quick look at two energy stocks that appear to be gaining technical strength.

The Fed Continues to Resemble the Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight

The central bank appears to be inflicting more pain on the economy than is necessary to slow job growth.

Don't Look Now, but 2022 Is Shaping Up for an Ugly Finish

A slowing economy, a weakening job market and the likelihood of political gridlock will take their toll on stocks.

Crucial CPI, Hoping for the Real Thing, Wall Street Braces, Intel, Rockin' Apple

Trading volume remains the missing ingredient that prevents me from confirming this rally as the 'real thing.'

Here's My Approach to Trading This Market Right Now

An oversold bounce is no surprise, but how long will it last?

Market Losing Streak, Tradable If Not Investable, Jobs and the Fed, Eyeing Apple

The market did need a three-day weekend, but beware beware of the old Wall Street adage, 'Short weeks are always long.'