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Dazed and Confused, Jobs Report, More 'Helicopters' on the Way, Trading Boeing

Equity markets had a tougher day on Wednesday than immediately meets the eye. And did you catch what Trump said?

Q2 Success, Half-Way Back Economy, Face Masks and GDP: Market Recon

I have often written or spoken of the 'half-way back' economy, symbolized by a 'reversed' square root symbol.

Economy Stalling? Virus Spreads, Jobs Week, Watching Tesla: Market Recon

I will tell you this. Nobody I talk to is talking much about Q2 earnings. In fact, Q3 is not even the topic of conversation.

Jim Cramer: Looking for Clarity in the Course of the Covid Timeline

I don't envy anyone trying to put together a model of these moments. So, you look for an intersection where you might be right no matter what.

The Market Is a Tale of 2 Sectors - Technology vs. Everyone Else

The only way for the S&P 500 to make new highs is for the remainder sectors to take the baton from technology and do some of the heavy lifting as well.

15 Stocks That Will Support the Coming Infrastructure Buildout

We are talking about a finessed, intelligent approach to what we see happening in real time.

My Trade Today Is Sitting on My Hands

Other than taking profits, I'm not interested in putting on new trades.

Today's Market Action Shows the Macro Can Outweigh the Micro

Time to make the leap from avoiding overvalued assets to actually investing in plays that will benefit from a reversion to fair levels of valuation.

Jobs Report Is a Welcome Surprise -- But Not as Great as It Seems

What happened? And what does it mean for the recovery?

Jim Cramer: The Next Place to Go? Auto Stocks

People will still go to work. They just won't carpool and they won't take the train. They will drive.