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Bond Yields Will Determine if the Market Is Undergoing a Shift in Trend

The most notable technical development on Thursday was a breakout in bond yields of various maturities.

Market Takes a Major Turn as Twitter vs. Threads Battle Heats Up

Thursday's close is key with a the jobs report on tap Friday morning.

Economy's Upside Surprises, Hiking Hike Odds, Fed Voice of Reason, Hot Half

It has been a strong first six months of the year for many equity indexes, though there are a few exceptions.

Coy Yellen, Dour Data, Global Rate Hikes, 3M Settlement, JPMorgan Hand Slap

Plus, a look at what's up with Amazon Web Services on the AI front.

Fierce Friday, Nasdaq Accelerates, S&P Cracks Resistance, Mixed Jobs, Week Ahead

The sudden appearance of a weaker labor market is likely what's causing the Fed to be considering a 'skip' this month, giving time for the economy on Main Street, USA to catch up to where the Fed has been on policy.

May Jobs: A More Complex Report Than Headlines Suggest

Does this scream 'Hike!'? It depends on whether you're the Fed, a bull or a bear.

Done Debt Deal, Fed Heads Tone It Down, AI Gold Mine, Wary Eye on Apple

Plus, a couple major stock indexes appear to be in better technical shape.

The AI Theme Destroyed the Economic Bears, But Now What?

About 90% of stocks are still struggling, but many market players are celebrating.

The Thought of This One-Two Combo Has Me Increasingly Worried About Tail Risks

Banking problems and recessions are not created and solved in a week.

A Wild Week, Job Creation, Fed Funds Rate, Earnings, Markets, Berkshire Reports

The macro this week will be focused upon the release of April data for consumer level inflation (CPI) and for producer level inflation (PPI).