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What the 'Confusing' October Jobs Report Means for the Fed and Markets

Jobs, in all likelihood, will be the LAST shoe to drop in any economic weakness.

Jobs Watch, Continuing Claims Climb, Nasdaq Key Levels, Defense Stocks Positive?

Keep a close eye on this key technical level as the Nasdaq Composite keeps losing ground.

Jobs News Will Help Determine the Next Fed Move in December

Each piece of news in the weeks ahead will be evaluated for whether it pushes the Fed to hike more or less at its next meeting.

Fed Misdirection, Powell's Bait and Switch, The Fallout, Good News and Bad News

Higher for longer is how hard landings are built. The U.S. economy is now on a collision course with destiny -- unless more sentient heads prevail.

Fed Disappoints But Can the Indexes Find Quick Technical Support?

For at least the fourth time this year, optimism about a potential pivot was not fulfilled.

Will the Fed Cut Off the Nose to Spite the Face?

Let's see if the nation's central bank will create a monster with its inflation policy -- and why I see prices and jobs swinging in the other direction.

Microsoft Layoffs: What That Could Indicate for the Stock

The shares are currently in a long-term downward trend.

The Jobs Report Was as Mild as It Gets

What we will learn most, by the end of the day, is about positioning.

Investor Sentiment Data Awash In Bears

Here's why we have been buyers on weakness.

Arrogant Fed Heads, Trading AMD, Lilly Thrills, Enough Carnage for Now?

It's September Jobs Day, so we'll see where a sputtering market goes from here.