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We're Seeing Some Consolidation and Basing Action on Friday

The question now is whether the lows that were hit on Wednesday morning will serve as short-term support as we move into earnings season.

With So Much Disinformation, Can You Handle the Truth?

Janet and Jerome have never created a job. But that's who we worship these days. It's such nonsense.

Those Jobs Numbers Disappointed, but They Didn't Tell Whole Story

The report is more nuanced than the headline shows, and here's why we can still expect tapering.

Deceptive Rally, Short Squeeze Trap, Inflation, Jobs, Trading 2 Defense Stocks

Equities did close almost sharply lower than where they had been early on Thursday afternoon. You do want to see how this looks on a chart.

Jobs News Will Help to Advance the Bottoming Process

The ingredients to 'climb a wall of worry' are out there if the price action develops in the right way.

A Series of Fortunate Events, Fiscal Cliff, Powell's Prospects, 4 Trading Notes

Market volatility could spike in late November/early December just as liquidity walks away. Keep that in mind.

Is Jerome Powell's Renomination Now in Peril?

Plus, my take on Friday's jobs report and the steepening yield curve.

DC Fiscal Freak Show, China Trade, The Week Ahead, My Market Rules

Having a debt ceiling is foolish, it only ever matters to the party currently out of power and never really does what it was intended to... curb federal spending.

Growth Concerns Continue to Mount

Despite a largely unfazed market, here's why I remain very cautious overall.

What Jerome Powell Did and Did Not Say

The market had a strange reaction to the initial headlines out of the Fed, and even now it's unclear how long the liquidity taps will remain open.