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Amazing Small-Caps, Minimum Wage, An Unhealthy Survey, Trading Nvidia, Chegg

The Russell 2000 has now soared 16% year to date, nearly twice the Nasdaq Composite's 8.5% move.

Jim Cramer: What's Winning Is the Technology of Replacement

If you look at the economy as between service and tech you find the old-guard being overrun.

Super Bowl Lesson, Earnings, DC Reality, Bonds, Labor Demand, Southwest Air

Bond markets are pricing in medium-term economic growth amid monetary and fiscal conditions that they believe to be conducive to igniting inflation.

Why the January Jobs Report Isn't as Bad as It Looks

This employment report wasn't great, but it wasn't all bad either.

Turn of the Worm, Treasury Curve, Manchin's Might, Trading Microsoft, Spotify

There is a point where if longer-dated yields move high enough, defensive-minded investors will be drawn from equities to debt securities.

3 Important Questions the Fed Answered Wednesday

Powell was asked a number of questions about asset bubbles and financial stability risks during his press conference.

A Virus-Plagued Rat Year Ends, and China Starts Afresh

It's exactly a year since the virus first locked down Hong Kong. What have we learnt since then?

The Week Ahead: Georgia Elections, December Jobs and 8 Earnings Reports to Watch

It's time to start a new trading year.

What the Fed Did Wednesday and What It Means for 2021

Why is Powell talking such a big game but doing so little?

Tough Jobs Stuff, Winter Economic Chill, Vaccine Hiccup, Disney Delights

Plus, stay nimble as the road just ahead could become a bit more treacherous than many may think.