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Sobering Conversation, Not-So-Hot GDP, Ominous Yield Spread, Rally On

Plus, we take a close look at the charts of the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite and check out Tesla, Disney and Salesforce.

I'm Not Convinced That Alphabet Is Poised for a Sustained Rally

Let's take a fresh look at the charts and indicators.

Finding Where Insiders Have the Conviction to Buy

Which stocks are insiders purchasing right now? Here are two.

3 Market Themes Are Emerging in Early 2023

A weakening jobs market in the months ahead could end up being good news for the overall market.

Job Data Myopia, Careening Economy, No Option C, Tracking 2 Space Defenders

Keep in mind that as interest rates rise, companies will need to pay more to borrow or cut back on operating expenses; there is no third choice.

Here's How I'll Play the Jobs Report as I Track 2 Cloud Stocks on My Radar

Keep these two software stocks on your watch list for when the selling runs its course and tech buyers return to the market.

The Fed Doesn't Like That the Market Seems to Be Fighting Its Hawkishness

The jobs market remains strong which is exactly what the Fed is concerned about.

House Drama, Santa's Late Rally, Fed Minutes, Microsoft's Drop, Amazon Layoffs

Much of the truly horrendous and contractionary macroeconomic data over the past three weeks or so were released after the December Fed meeting.

I Wouldn't Bet Against Salesforce's Marc Benioff, But Is It Time to Bet on Him?

CRM announced a restructuring plan that would include laying off about 10% of the firm's workforce.

The Market Is Struggling to Discount the Impact of a Recession

Technically the market is in miserable shape.