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The Market May Not Care Yet, but This Hiring Pace Is Not Normal

Sure, the jobs number lined up with expectations and the market didn't really budge on the big number. But let's take a close look at these figures and see why it's getting a little too hot in here.

Busting a Few Myths About the Fed and Inflation Fighting

If by the end of 2023 inflation is around 2.6% and unemployment is around 3.8%, then I'd hardly call this period a failure.

The Economy, Inflation, Have Been Burning Up. Are They Burning Out?

Let's tackle the big question: Is inflation, and possibly the economy, too, reaching a peak? We're seeing some possible signs of slowing -- but they could be other, harmless shifts under the surface. Here's my take.

Jobs, Oil, Inflation, Yield Curve, Ukraine, Markets, Raytheon, Trading Redwire

On Thursday, there was certainly not as broad-based a run for the exits as the market headline numbers suggest.

What an Inverted Yield Curve Is Telling Us About a Potential Recession

The inversion that we saw this week is only the beginning -- an ever more aggressive Fed results in an ever more inverted curve.

As First Rate Hike Lands, Know the Fed Is Dead Serious About Prices

Would the Fed cause a recession to restore price stability? Let's tackle that question and many others after the FOMC meeting.

Russia Raises Risk, but Not For U.S. Job Growth

Here's why job growth is still relevant -- despite the attack on Ukraine -- and what it could mean for rate hikes and wages.

Unbridled Aggression, Russian Oil, Eye on Odessa, Jobs Day, Riding the Rails

Was Russia's attack upon a Ukrainian nuclear power plant shockingly reckless or shockingly calculated?

Weekend Worries About Ukraine Will Keep Pressure on the Market Today

The big concern is that there is no way to know how much damage Putin is willing to create to accomplish his goal of seizing Ukraine.

Week in Review, Oil, Jobs Data, Peloton Suitors, Uber Earnings Preview

It was a solid, though volatile week for U.S. stocks.