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Not-So-Hot Thursday, Why Growth Will Stall, Unrelenting Virus, Snap Snapshot

Plus, what could be next out of the central banks and Congress and how it could affect Treasuries.

Jim Cramer: The Unintentional Consequences of the 'Rich Rush' Phenomenon

It's being played out in every single amazing little town in America: wealthy people descending on a bountiful area that simply can't handle it and very strange things happen.

What Accelerating Job Growth Means for the Market

It makes sense as all restrictions come off the economy that the small-cap sector should benefit the most.

Question Marks and Market Implications: Interpreting the June Jobs Report

Here's what the numbers mean and how the market will likely evolve from here.

Jobs Hold the Key, Premature Minimum Tax Celebration, and Enough Is Enough, Fed

Plus, the latest monthly ISM Manufacturing survey sends a disturbing signal about prices and a quick option play thought about Veeva Systems.

Major Market Catalysts Lurk Heading Into the Holiday Weekend

Issues of concern include a high level of IPOs sopping up liquidity and persistent labor and supply shortages impacting business.

What to Expect From the June Jobs Report on Friday

However you slice it, total labor supply doesn't seem to be in recovery mode.

Jim Cramer: Where Have All the Workers Gone?

We must find out because no one seems to know. Here are several theories.

This Market Is Totally Out of Its Mind

What's the setup for the second half of 2021? Well, first one has to analyze the first half.

I Hate to Be a Curmudgeon But I'm Not Buying This 'Fed Speak'

Something tells me that in the coming months the Fed's commentary is going to lose some sway.