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Market Quickly Discounting Stimulus While Unemployment Numbers Loom

The bounce the last two days was classic bear market action.

This Isn't Star Wars, This Is Real Life

My biggest concern is we have high-level government officials who are more concerned with reelection than doing what is necessary both for small businesses as well as individuals.

Congress Drags Its Feet as Markets Fall, 30% Unemployment?, 3 Favorite Stocks

St. Louis Fed Pres. James Bullard sees unemployment possibly hitting 30%, while GDP could ultimately contract 50%.

Jim Cramer: I Worry About Your Portfolio, Dr. Fauci Worries About Your Health

Your portfolio is integrally connected to the economy so let me offer what I think can be done to save your portfolio from being ravaged by this scourge, Covid-19.

Assessing the Impact of Economic Stimulus: Would It Stave Off a Recession?

I can appreciate something needs to be done, but I'm hesitant to call these potential proposals a boom for stocks.

Jobs and Coronavirus: What Investors Should Be Watching Going Forward

During the Financial Crisis, the bailouts were politically toxic. Today, not providing this kind of stimulus will be politically toxic.

Pay Attention to the Bond Market and You Won't Get Burned

Sentiment on U.S. stocks has changed, and you need to plan accordingly.

The Week Ahead: Coronavirus Impact, Super Tuesday, Jobs and 30 Earnings Reports

Buckle up for what is likely to be another eventful five days.

4 Important Takeaways From the January Jobs Report

What the latest numbers mean for the Fed, interest rates and bonds.

The JOLTS Barometer, and the Best Bet on Bonds

There is no period in history where job growth slowed to a crawl and the economy didn't fall into recession.