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The Fed Continues to Resemble the Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight

The central bank appears to be inflicting more pain on the economy than is necessary to slow job growth.

Don't Look Now, but 2022 Is Shaping Up for an Ugly Finish

A slowing economy, a weakening job market and the likelihood of political gridlock will take their toll on stocks.

Crucial CPI, Hoping for the Real Thing, Wall Street Braces, Intel, Rockin' Apple

Trading volume remains the missing ingredient that prevents me from confirming this rally as the 'real thing.'

Here's My Approach to Trading This Market Right Now

An oversold bounce is no surprise, but how long will it last?

Market Losing Streak, Tradable If Not Investable, Jobs and the Fed, Eyeing Apple

The market did need a three-day weekend, but beware beware of the old Wall Street adage, 'Short weeks are always long.'

Not Quite a 'Goldilocks' Employment Report

The jobs numbers themselves are enough to keep the Fed committed to hiking.

The August Jobs Report Is a Convenient Catalyst For a Short-Term Bounce

There will be an inclination for some short covering to close out the week, and the jobs report is going to be the excuse.

August Jobs Day, S&P 500 Support Report, Time to Be a Trader, ARKK Outflows

How the markets react to Friday morning's jobs numbers will be interesting.

The Week Ahead: Jobs Report, PMI and 10 Key Earnings Reports to Watch

After Powell's speech Friday, there's a lot to zero in on ahead of the Labor Day weekend.

Jackson Hole Is Important, But It's Not Everything Right Now

There are a lot of other major stories besides Powell's speech that investors need to keep an eye on.