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The JOLTS Barometer, and the Best Bet on Bonds

There is no period in history where job growth slowed to a crawl and the economy didn't fall into recession.

Slower Job Growth Isn't Okay

A crucial question going forward is what will trend employment growth be?

Jobs and Sentiment Provide Solid Backbeat for Next Week's 'Dance'

In one week we should know whether the Dec. 15 tariffs will increase as planned.

Jobs Numbers Jolt Both Bears and Bulls

The recovery has now occurred so fast that the bulls did not act quickly enough and are again struggling with Fear of Missing Out.

Jobs Report Pushes Aside Recession Fears, for Now

After the 266,000 payroll number on Friday, here's my analysis and how to prepare for the months ahead.

Think the Transports Don't Matter Anymore? Think Again

Keep an eye on the Dow Jones Transportation index, as well as the odd reading on the put/call ratio.

Jim Cramer: Dismal Days in the Worthless Science

Throw away the economics textbooks, they are not working.

Strong Jobs Report Is Likely an Outlier, Not Sign of a New Trend

Be careful drawing too strong of a conclusion from these numbers.

Fed Rate Cut: What the Central Bank Is Saying and What to Expect From Here

It makes a lot of sense for the Fed to wean the market off its reliance on explicit forward guidance, but it won't be easy.

All Signs Point to Falling Rates as Downturn Looms

Here's my take on the Federal Reserve's expanded balance sheet, the Labor Department's jobs survey, and Fed's September meeting minutes.