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Break Up Amazon? What Would That Mean?

I don't expect a break up to be announced anytime soon. If that were to happen, I'll add at least $300 to my target price. No joke.

Shares of Amazon Could Fall Further Until the Markets Bottom

We have more certainty of when a package will arrive.

Amazon Is the Great Disruptor

I think AMZN could provide a good very short-term trade from the long side... this week.

Amazon's Strong Sales Growth Attracts Copycat Competition

Amazon is above the crown in e-commerce, but might other stocks see larger benefits from smaller online sales bases?

Amazon's Prime Holiday Is Still Not the Primary Online Sales Day

A breakdown of the biggest buying days on the internet.

Amazon Boycott Builds Strong Social Media Momentum

Amazon workers are not welcoming an expected Prime Day sales surge.

Amazon Adds to Momentum as Prime Day Positivity Builds

Amazon looks poised to deliver a big leap in sales during the fifth installment of its Prime Day event.

Salesforce CEO Calls for Government Crackdown on Tech Titans

Benioff is getting behind calls for regulation of Silicon Valley giants.

Walmart Edges Higher As Retailer Competes With Amazon Next-Day Option

Walmart is signaling its ready to compete for convenience-focused consumers with Amazon.

What to Expect From Warren Buffett at Berkshire's Big Meeting This Weekend

From lollipops to locomotives, Warren Buffett's has a full buffet of topics to address Saturday.