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4 Ways in Which Andy Jassy Could Put His Mark on Amazon

The new Amazon CEO could choose to invest more in AWS and grocery delivery, and could also break with Jeff Bezos' historical aversion to stock buybacks.

Oily Mess, Techs Go Wild, a Jobs Data Plea, the Power of Positive Yield

Plus, quick looks at Tesla's car deliveries, Amazon's CEO change and Didi Global's post-IPO downdraft.

Amazon Has a Blowout Quarter and I'm Sticking With My Plan

I have rarely if ever seen a large company crush earnings expectations so decisively.

Amazon.com Is Spending Too Much Time Below the 200-Day Average

The charts still look risky.

Jim Cramer: The Birth of a Market Bottom, Part 2

The Fed's Jay Powell pulled out the heavy artillery to help keep the economy and financial markets going, but would it be enough?

Trading Amazon: Here's What I'm Thinking Now

The big doubt in the back of my head is that Jeff Bezos wants to take his eye off of the (this) ball to do other things.

Break Up Amazon? What Would That Mean?

I don't expect a break up to be announced anytime soon. If that were to happen, I'll add at least $300 to my target price. No joke.

Shares of Amazon Could Fall Further Until the Markets Bottom

We have more certainty of when a package will arrive.

Amazon Is the Great Disruptor

I think AMZN could provide a good very short-term trade from the long side... this week.

Amazon's Strong Sales Growth Attracts Copycat Competition

Amazon is above the crown in e-commerce, but might other stocks see larger benefits from smaller online sales bases?