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Japan's Economy Sicker Than Expected and Before Any Virus Effect

The world's third-largest economy is likely to now be in recession, and Japanese investors have sensibly switched into defensive sectors and low-volatility stocks.

Japanese and Thai Stocks Take Iran Missile Hit

Markets in Thailand and Tokyo were the main losers on Wednesday, though Asian investors in general appear reassured the worst is over with Iran.

Asia's Currency Underperformers Look Like Good Bets for 2020 Gains

The won, rupee and yuan may turn from the poorest performance in 2019 to solid runs in 2020, while the Iran-induced run to the dollar and yen may reverse fast.

Five Calls for Asia in 2020

Here are five factors to watch in the first year of our new decade -- which will skew the world decidedly to the East.

Target Large-Cap Nikkei Stocks for Japan in 2020

The Nikkei 225 roster of Japanese large-caps could be set for a 17.6% run in 2020, when Tokyo will host the Olympics and markets look a solid bet for gains.

Toshiba's Likely Return to Tokyo's First Section to Produce Rally in Shares

Only two other companies have rejoined the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange since 2000, but they both saw heady rallies that Toshiba appears set to emulate.

Data Points to Strong U.S. Economy, Further Quashing Recession Fears

Some signs show Japan and Europe are hitting bumps as the year winds down.

Sector Geography Lesson, Japan's Stimulus and Zooming In on Zuora: Market Recon

Plus, the Saudis look to press their oil agenda while Europe prints some ugly economic data.

10 Japanese Stocks That Combat Climate Change

These 10 companies have innovative approaches to reducing carbon emissions, from one of the most-advanced nations in terms of an environmentally-aware industry.

Has Softbank Lost Its Vision?

Softbank's founder Masayoshi Son had established a reputation for perceptive decision-making on tech investments. Has the firm lost its way?