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Japanese Leader Opens Parliament With Pledge to Spark Birth Rate

Similar to China's discouraging demographics released last week, Japan faces the big challenge of an ageing population that isn't replacing itself.

Traders Get It Wrong With Central Bank Call in Japan

Japanese equities rallied and the yen suddenly sold off as punters who predicted the end of easy money in Japan had their fingers singed.

Inflation in Asia at a Peak, Spelling Calmer Winds Ahead

The price-hike fever that's been making consumers queasy appears to have broken in the Asia Pacific region's major economies.

A 2023 Resolution to Rebalance With an Asian Allocation?

Asian equities are at half-year highs, and appear set to proceed higher.

Reign of 'King Dollar' to End in 2023

Check out these five currency plays, four of them in Asia, as ways to make the most of the weakening U.S. dollar and greater interest in emerging-market stocks.

India Ends 2022 as Asia's Best Stock Market as China Finishes the Worst

Entering 2023, we can feel inflation easing and are watching for long-term gain from the removal of zero-Covid in China, even if it results in short-term pain.

Surprise Central Bank Change Makes Case for Unhedged Japan Stocks

The Bank of Japan shocked world markets with a tweak of its super-easy monetary policy, pushing yen gains that are likely to be sustained in 2023.

BOJ, Yield Curve, Tuesday's Markets, Tesla Trade, Zelenskyy in DC, Nike Rocks It

The Bank of Japan move had a negative impact on longer dated non-Japanese sovereign debt as well.

After BOJ Move, Expect Further Declines in Japanese Stocks

Let's check the Nikkei Average and the broader Topix Average.

Japan Makes a Hawkish Move That Adds to End of Year Volatility

Here's why this more hawkish policy may actually turn out to be more of a positive than a negative.