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Chinese Stocks Shed All Gains for the Year to Dip Into Red

Whereas the stock markets in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan have performed extremely well in 2023, Chinese markets are suffering from geopolitics and a whole host of uncertainties.

As G7 Blasts China's 'Coercion,' Micron Falls as First Victim

The Hiroshima summit issued a surprisingly strident criticism of China's trade tactics and 'economic coercion,' at virtually the same time that China declared that Micron had failed a cybersecurity review.

As G7 Democracies Meet in Hiroshima, China Buddies Up to the Stans

President Biden has disappointed Pacific Island nations by shortening his Asia spin, with AI a new topic on the docket for the G7.

China Optimism Gives Way as Weak Global Growth Hits Exporters

The Chinese yuan broke a key barrier to the U.S. dollar today, reflecting disappointing economic performance, while Japan beats expectations.

Key US Allies Meet as Seoul-Tokyo 'Shuttle Diplomacy' Resumes

Washington would love to see South Korea and Japan set aside political differences, as the two countries address the economy, security and energy supply.

Alibaba Figurehead Jack Ma Accepts Three University Posts

The Alibaba co-founder will spend time in Tokyo, Tel Aviv and Hong Kong, giving him plenty of reasons to extend his self-imposed exile outside mainland China.

Japan's Central Bank Announces Review of Its Longtime Easy Money Policy

The Bank of Japan wrapped up its first interest rate meeting under new Governor Kazuo Ueda, who will go slow with the policy review.

Bank of Japan to Meet on Interest Rates for First Time Under New Leader

Kazuo Ueda is likely to maintain a steady monetary policy for now, but all eyes will be on hints that he may move away from the super-easy money policy of his predecessor.

Angry Birds Shareholders Left Red in the Face With Sale to Sonic's Sega

The planned acquisition of Finland's Rovio Entertainment by Sega Sammy Holdings is yet another step in the consolidation of the video game industry.

Japan Approves First Casino Resort in Win for MGM Resorts and Orix

Osaka will be site of Japan's first casino complex, approved on an artificial island that will also host the World Expo in 2025.