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For Stability and Quarterly Payments, You Gotta Have FAITH

If we believe normalcy will return to the U.S. financial system, this investing plan could give outsized returns.

A Strong Way to Play the China Growth Story May Be on the Way Soon

China's largest courier company, SF Express, is looking at a Hong Kong listing that would offer access to international investors.

Bearish Skeptics Step Aside as Fear of Missing Out Takes Hold

We have had a number of days like this in recent months, where the bulls are downright frothy, but they tend to end rather abruptly. Will this?

Up Against Bank Earnings Friday, I See an 'Option' for JPMorgan

Here's a reduced-risk way to play JPM as the bank reporting begins.

Hold Your Nose, We're Going to Bank of America

I don't like holding bank stocks going into recession, but I also do not like having zero exposure to bank stocks ever. Here's my plan.

Let's Get Right to It: Can You Buy Banks Now?

I've been getting lots of questions about whether money is safe in banks and whether it's safe to invest in banks. Let's tackle that here.

Charles Schwab, Snagged Into Banking Mess, Could Be a Bargain

SCHW sinks nearly 11% on Monday alone, but several experts agree: It's no Silicon Valley Bank.

Banks Might Have Gotten Hit Too Hard

Let's look at the non-farm jobs report, the debt ceiling fear, uncertainty, and doubt in banks.

My Bet: Barclays Will Slip Further on Oil Move

Let's look at how the latest attempt to embrace environmental, social, and governance will play out.

My 2023 Stock Pick Is a No-Frills Big Bank Hiding Right in Front of Us

This stock has everything right: It's discounted from recession fears, has great management, benefits from rate hikes and has a competitor on wobbly footing.