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Jim Cramer: Better to Mask and Test Than Wait for Vaccine

New rapid tests and the effectiveness of universal mask wearing give hope while we wait on the elusive vaccine.

Berkshire's Buffett Baffles With Bank Buy

Why would the Oracle of Omaha buy Bank of America at these prices?

Jim Cramer: The Rubber Is About to Meet the Road

The Nasdaq is running wild, but when the banks report we'll find out just how many people and businesses failed to pay rent.

Let's Try a Volatility Play in Wells Fargo

WFC has its problems, but think about this in the last month: The stock has been as high as $34, and as low as $22.

You Might Want to Hop on This Wagon

Here's why I'm watching the banks -- and Wells Fargo -- in particular right now.

Market Changes Its Mood -- and Investors Are OK With It

Despite weakness caused by bank earnings and poor economic news, traders actually welcomed with the seemingly logical move downward.

My, How Quickly We Change Our Views

The banks are changing their stance, so let's see what the indicators say.

A Reason to 'Chase'

CEO Jamie Dimon is back and the firm is in good shape, even if times are rough, so I plan to add on weakness.

Here's Where I Would Like Deutsche Bank

Based on history and the charts, this is how to play DB as it comes out of earnings.

Deutsche Bank Stock Declines as Transformation Plan Sinks In

Deutsche is looking to drop the "bad bank" moniker with big moves on Monday.