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Investing basics

Jim Cramer: It's the Smart Bird Attuned to When Cycles Turn That Gets the Worm

The rest? They get the droppings.

Jim Cramer: Want a Snapshot of the Economy? Look at the Rails

When you see that money pouring out of the market it is going to be looking for a home. The home will most likely want some economic sensitivity.

The Art of Adjusting Your Trading Approach to a Constantly Changing Market

If you are aware of what is working well overall, then you can make adjustments that will enhance your approach to the market and prevent frustration.

Jim Cramer: Do These 5 Powerful Analyst Downgrades Make the Grade?

Monday was a demonstration of pretty much everything analysts can throw at stocks to get you out while the getting is still good.

An Introduction to Developing an Investing or Trading Style - Part 2

The most important issue when you are developing your style is to be clear about your approach.

Make the Right Call With Covered Calls

This options strategy can save on your tax bill, offers downside protection and a bonus of immediate income.

Why I Make a Myriad of Small Biotech Bets

The fact is there are few more complex areas of the market than the small-cap biotech sector. Patience is key.

Jim Cramer: The Fed's Dramatic Sea Change and What It Means for Stocks Now

The best stocks to buy in this environment are the ones that have the greatest growth.

Boeing and CVS: Two Sagas Worth Tracking, But Just One Worth Playing Right Now

With all the unknowns surrounding Boeing it's way too early to take a position in the aircraft maker; the same is not true with CVS.

Does the Order of Your Investment Gains and Losses Really Matter Over Time?

The answer depends on when and how much you began investing, though over the long haul the payoff is good any which way for patient investors.