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Investing basics

Review Your Risk Management Principles to Stay on Track

It is good practice to give our tactics a periodic look in order to refine them in a changing market environment.

Kass: (Uncle) Bob Farrell's 10 Rules of Investing

A preeminent student (and teacher) of sentiment studies and market psychology, Farrell's '10 Rules' are an outgrowth of his long career following the investment markets.

Clarity of Trading Style Is Paramount in Market Action Like This

The issue now is whether this develops into a trend down day or will some support be found.

Be a 'Goal Achieving' Investor, Not a 'Stress Relieving' One

And Cognizant Technology Solutions currently provides the former type of investor with a rare opportunity.

Why You Shouldn't Chase Buffett's New Stock Picks

Warren Buffett is rightly regarded as a genius investor, but traders shouldn't try to time his picks.

Follow One Simple Rule to Avoid Disasters Like 3M's Meltdown

The rule: Never pay more than a stock's normalized valuation when making a new commitment.

Back to School: My Trading Strategy for ServiceNow, Microsoft, Raytheon, Amazon

Pull up a chair in Sarge's classroom.

Jim Cramer: It's the Smart Bird Attuned to When Cycles Turn That Gets the Worm

The rest? They get the droppings.

Jim Cramer: Want a Snapshot of the Economy? Look at the Rails

When you see that money pouring out of the market it is going to be looking for a home. The home will most likely want some economic sensitivity.

The Art of Adjusting Your Trading Approach to a Constantly Changing Market

If you are aware of what is working well overall, then you can make adjustments that will enhance your approach to the market and prevent frustration.