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Investing basics

This Furniture Retailer Furnishes Its Owners With a Nice Yield

Haverty Furniture Cos., aka Havertys, has paid a cash dividend every year for more than eight decades and occasionally surprises shareholders with a special payout.

Don't Live (and Trade) in Fear of a Market Doomsday: Just Have a Plan

There are several indicators that offer nice risk management ideas -- and they are very simple.

Here is My Game Plan as Battle Lines Sharpen

In an increasingly volatile market it's important to maintain high cash levels, manage trades tightly and stay on top of opportunities.

Here's How to Harness the Power of Compounding With Stocks

The trick is to look at your portfolio as a single asset and to manage your holdings in a way that keeps that portfolio near its highs.

Some 'Experts' Don't Know Beans About Buying/Selling Stocks

Let the case of Starbucks stock show you how taking bad advice can be a real grind.

Retirement Rule No. 1: Don't Trust Robots With Your Investment

Simply buying and holding the S&P 500 index far outperformed all of the computer-driven techniques from 18 different robo-advisory services.

The Trading Psychologist: Let's Talk Earnings, the Fed and Beyond Meat

The key to effective trading lies in thinking like a psychologist.

Jim Cramer: Don't Make the Mistake of Thinking the Market Is All About the Fed

From Adobe to Zendesk, plenty of stocks will rise or fall regardless of what the central bank does.

How I Knew to Bet Against Tesla, Netflix and Other Stocks

Hint: I did my homework and acted when I felt I had the advantage over other market players.

Jim Cramer: The Definition of Insanity? Pre-Market Trading

Much of it occurs when someone jumps the gun, deciding that the headlines must be traded without any knowledge of what is underneath them.