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Investing basics

Making Money in the Market Requires Discipline

Force yourselves to buy when others are panicking and temper your enthusiasm when markets are going wild to the upside.

When a Bus Hits the Equity Market, Learn How to Ride With It

Here are a couple examples of what traders can do to take advantage of those days when stocks take a shellacking.

The 5 Most Important Lessons I've Learned in 25 Years of Trading

These five key things will help make you successful at trading.

Here's Why the Market Is Headed Higher

Despite Covid-19, civil unrest and a looming recession, stocks should stay bullish based on the action in the S&P 500's monthly chart.

The Trend Is Your Friend, Until It Ends

Investors and traders should follow indicators that help determine when a change in trend is occurring and then shift their sails accordingly.

The Siren Song of Index Shorts

Shorting the S&P 500 can be hard to resist, but it tends to be a bad trade for most market players.

The Greater Fool Theory

It's fantastic for trades but you should consider a few guidelines.

'Don't Fight the Fed' and 12 Other Investing Rules

Marty Zweig's investing rules provide a framework for investment success, now more than ever.

7 Years On, Reflections of a Real Money Columnist

I have always appreciated this column as an outlet for the process I use before making any and all investment decisions.

Singles and Doubles - Not Home Runs - Win the Trading Game

Great traders are the folks in the shadows nailing small and medium-sized winners on a consistent basis.