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Investing basics

Separating Quality Dividend-Paying Companies From the Wannabes: Part 1

Salem Communications provides a good example of how to separate weak and strong dividend payers.

Why You Should Develop a Market Thesis and How to Do It

A thesis can impede our flexibility and cloud our objectivity, but it also provides a framework for a plan of attack.

The Emotional Makeup of World-Class Traders

It is not productive to have emotional reactions to every loss and every gain, as both are part of the business of trading and should be taken in stride.

How to Make the Right 'Call' on Bargain Stocks

Here we look at Bloomin' Brands to see how investing strategies such as call options can be used to play a stock trading at a cheap price.

How to Deal With Surprise News Events

These random market movements can be tough to navigate. The key? Don't panic.

This Furniture Retailer Furnishes Its Owners With a Nice Yield

Haverty Furniture Cos., aka Havertys, has paid a cash dividend every year for more than eight decades and occasionally surprises shareholders with a special payout.

Don't Live (and Trade) in Fear of a Market Doomsday: Just Have a Plan

There are several indicators that offer nice risk management ideas -- and they are very simple.

Here is My Game Plan as Battle Lines Sharpen

In an increasingly volatile market it's important to maintain high cash levels, manage trades tightly and stay on top of opportunities.

Here's How to Harness the Power of Compounding With Stocks

The trick is to look at your portfolio as a single asset and to manage your holdings in a way that keeps that portfolio near its highs.

Some 'Experts' Don't Know Beans About Buying/Selling Stocks

Let the case of Starbucks stock show you how taking bad advice can be a real grind.