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Investing basics

Rev Shark's Ten Commandments of Trading

These rules will help save souls from the underperformance of buying and holding the wrong stocks.

3 Short-Term Threats to Increasingly Complacent Holders of Equities

The market seems to be overlooking this trio of potential setbacks to stocks.

Want to Be a Better Trader? Consider Getting a 'Tutor'

Tutor Perini is made to trade, so let's see how to play it.

In Trading, Information Is Costly, but Essential

The more knowledge a trader holds, the higher the probability of success. Let's use Vaxart as an example.

Think Like an Owner, Not a Trader

Don't be dazed by star stocks like Tesla, and instead stop and think: What do you really get when you buy stock in a company?

Textbook Case of Reversal Action Has Finally Hit

The key issue for reactive traders is to spot an intraday reversal and a poor close -- that will be the primary tip-off that further problems await.

Thinking 'We're Due' Isn't a Strategy

One of the great difficulties with downside trades lately is that selling pressure is brief, so I'm focusing on stock picking, even if it's narrowing.

Ark Restaurants Shouldn't Have Floated Dividend Seekers' Boat

Income investors should have seen that the pandemic put the restaurant operator's payout at risk and looked at other options.

Downside Momentum Is Still Missing in Action

This reminds me of 1999 to 2000, but the big lesson during that time was that the crazy uptrend can persist much longer than seems reasonable.

Jim Cramer: Don't Get Sold Out

While we face some absolutely insane moves, we have to ask: Where are the sellers?