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Investing basics

Making It to 65 Is the Easy Part ...

Here's the real scoop on retirement issues in 2021.

Marveling at the Market's Move? It's All About Momentum

No news can explain the action -- whether the bears believe it or not.

Jim Cramer: I Pick the Bulls

My trading strategy? Figure out who is the favorite and calculate the 'line.' Here's how that works out today.

Will This Be 2020 All Over Again?

Some similarities within markets that are tugging at me, and that means a deeper dive into what has me worried.

Rotation Gives Good Openings for Sharp Traders

There is always an opportunity for the flexible trader who focuses on price action -- and that's as true as ever right now.

Jim Cramer: If You Care to, You Can Learn Something From Younger Investors

The new crowd wants to know how companies are helping the helpless and saving the environment -- and here's why that matters.

Good Friday Beckons

Lets look at some probable -- and profitable -- expirations on options expected to come in an the week's end.

Here's What Traders Can Learn From Isaac Newton

The First Law of Motion states that a body in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force -- and that applies to trading today.

Jim Cramer: We Have to Wonder, Are We in Maniaville?

I want to help you get rich, but to get rich carefully. Prudence dictates taking something off the table.

This Will End Badly. But It Hasn't Ended Yet, So Dig In

Rallies always conclude the same way, but for now, we certainly can rack up a pretty hefty cushion of profits on individual trades while we wait for that to happen.