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Investing basics

There Are Many Ways to Search for a Market Bottom: Here's What I Look For

Who says you can't time the markets? Let's look at some methods technical analysts and others use to identify market bottoms.

Sentiment Analysis Doesn't Work in Bear Markets

We have another bounce try this morning, but stay extremely cautious as oversold conditions have not mattered of late.

The Casualties of Hunting for Stocks in a Bear Market

It's well-known that some of the biggest and best bounces occur in the worst markets, thanks to poor positioning. But here's the problem that traders can face.

Rising Rates: A Break of a 40-Year Trend Should Not Be Ignored

With 10-Year Treasury yields, it isn't where it's been, it's where it's headed.

Tuesday's Drop Was Temporary Insanity (And the Keyword Is Temporary)

Amid this market mania, let me show you why when stocks you like get cheaper than you ever thought possible ... consider buying more to average down.

This Step Is Critical in Navigating an Oversold Bounce

It is important to know what type of market participant you are.

Embrace the Bear

The first step in effectively navigating a bear market is to accept the fact that there is one.

If You're So Smart Then Why Aren't You Rich?

The primary reason so many smart people are very poor traders and investors is that they lack this one ability.

The Market Has Spoken (And I'm Listening)

My bearish stance served me well until recently, and now I'm following the winds of change.

AMC's New Drama Stars an 'APE,' Exuberant CEO, and Bonds ... AMC Bonds

Let's see how this story could unfold for investors -- and what strategy might win the happiest ending possible.