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Investing basics

The Big Divergence Gives Wall Street a Big Pause

Concern is spreading over the market's poor breadth -- let's check the indicators, new lows, and a chart showing the percentage of S&P 500 stocks beating the index on a trailing three-month basis.

Bickering About a Narrow Market? Bulls Say Just Fall in Line, Already

But the bears, they don't trust this action. One thing is clear, however, this could go on for a while.

How to Navigate This Unusually Narrow Stock Market

The desire to chase the strength is strong, but does it make strategic sense?

Tesla Weighs on the Market, but Dip Buyers Are the Key to Its Overall Health

Dip buyers keep squeezing shorts and are preventing downside momentum from building, though that situation could change.

The Key to Wealth? A Good Investment Plan

Equities have been by far the greatest path to maximum returns -- let's look at how to invest and my updated Top 10 stock list.

My Trust Is Not in Tech

The narrow buying into tech bothers me, and here's why. Also, let's check those jammed up indicators and my big question right now.

You've Been Investing Smartly and It's Not Paying Off. Here's My Advice

I get it -- you're frustrated with this market. So am I, but here's what I've learned from more than 45 years of investing.

Being Stubborn Will Cost You Dearly When Trading and Investing

Our egos can get in the way of learning from our mistakes, but there are ways to change that outcome.

When Trading and Investing, It's Best to Keep Your Own Counsel

Listening to bearish and bullish arguments in the media is fine, but don't let outside voices dictate how you invest your money.

Fixating Only on Market Gain Can Lead to Plenty of Portfolio Pain

Many traders and investors worry about fear of missing out, but many lack a healthy fear of losing money, which can be even more valuable.