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Investing basics

Is It Safe?

If you don't take some risk you won't generate any return.

3 Profitable Small Biotech Names to Consider

Exelixis Inc., ANI Pharmaceuticals and Supernus Pharmaceuticals should not need to raise more capital in the foreseeable future.

This Market Has Lost Its Mojo

The best thing a trader can do right now is stay out of the way, protect capital and wait for better action.

Lotteries Are for Losers: Kick the Habit and Become a Millionaire

Statistically lotteries are for losers only.

Thoughts for the Weekend on the Stock Market Selloff

How can any trader handle this kind of volatility?

A Way to Exploit Algorithm-Induced Market Swings When Trading Biotech Issues

It can be disturbing to see various names lose value quickly on no news, but here is a method to take advantage of such moves.

Micron Offers Primer on Stalking Entry Points in a Dicey Market

It's important to control your risk when trying to figure out how to play a battered stock.

Determine Your Risk Parameters Before You Make a Market Move

Traders need to understand their definition of risk, what they're shooting for and how to manage their positions.

How to Outperform a Mutual Fund

The best way to beat a mutual fund's performance is not to think like a mutual fund, but instead be flexible.

With Double-Net Pickings Slim, Let's Turn to Triple Nets

Triple nets are companies trading between 2 and 3 times net current asset value; here are several of these value names.