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Investing basics

It's Even Worse Than the Indexes Look

It's a tough day for many stocks -- but here's my take on the action and how to be best positioned.

Boom -- We'll Get One, but How Big Will It Be?

Let's see what could turn a 'boom' into a 'pop.'

The 5 Pillars of Exceptional Trading

When you put them together, trading success is nearly inevitable.

From Dull to Worse in an Afternoon

Bids disappeared late in the day and breadth dropped sharply, but there's a bright side.

The Market Is Missing Small, Speculative Traders

We have to wonder if the corrective action of the last six weeks has scared them away.

Is Your Economic Outlook Cloudy or Sunny? Depends on Who You Listen To

The data continue to point toward a strong economic recovery from a pandemic-induced slump, but not everyone sees it that way.

I've Got These Two Stocks on My Radar

As we head into the second quarter, I'm watching these two little-known names.

Are Bonds a Bargain Buy?

Let's look at the bull case for fixed income -- and why I'm still betting that rates keep rising.

Goal Prices Are Always Moving Targets

When the facts change smart traders always adjust their price targets; Investors Bancorp provides an illustration as to why.

Wasn't the S&P Supposed to Start Blowing Past 4000?

Before the decline some folks had S&P targets well over 4,000 -- where are they now? How quickly we change...