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Investing basics

Adhering to Your Trading Style Is Paramount in a Choppy and Sloppy Market

Investors need to do what works for them in markets where trading action is extremely random.

The Secret to Long-Term Trading Success

It is to work at it every day, day after day, year after year.

The Hunt for Your Next Great Trade

The worse the market action becomes, the greater the likelihood it eventually will produce a new crop of sweet opportunities; here's how to find them.

Make Sure Analysts' Opinions Pass the Smell Test

Research from Value Line, S&P, Morningstar and the like are useful when looking at stocks, but before acting on the suggestions, remember to take a whiff and see if they're no good.

Jim Cramer: This Is a Forgiving Market

A look at the action on several stocks -- Chipotle, Shopify, Nucor and even Ulta Beauty -- shows this market is kind and offering up some juicy discounts.

Twilio: Keep Your Feet on the Ground With This Cloud Stock

Let's examine the hard-hit cloud stocks from a technical point of view.

Separating Quality Dividend-Paying Companies From the Wannabes: Part 2

We run Medical Properties Trust through our dividend-metric gauntlet to see whether the healthcare REIT can maintain its payout pace.

Separating Quality Dividend-Paying Companies From the Wannabes: Part 1

Salem Communications provides a good example of how to separate weak and strong dividend payers.

Why You Should Develop a Market Thesis and How to Do It

A thesis can impede our flexibility and cloud our objectivity, but it also provides a framework for a plan of attack.

The Emotional Makeup of World-Class Traders

It is not productive to have emotional reactions to every loss and every gain, as both are part of the business of trading and should be taken in stride.