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Investing basics

Sentiment Is a Curious Thing

The bulls are in control of the market right now, but its run higher can't last forever, which is why we will look for clues on how to proceed.

Do's and Don'ts for 2020

Stop listening to the pundits -- and other advice on how to make the best of your trading this year.

2019 Comes to an End with Mixed Views of the Year Ahead

The most important thing to keep in mind is that it isn't unusual for there to be some sharp bouts of selling after a strong uptrend.

5 Tips for More Profitable Trading in 2020

Among them is to be more aggressive and to trade incrementally.

3 Factors That Factor Into My Portfolio Positioning for 2020

They are raising cash, mitigating risk and staying patient.

The Heart of Effective Trading Is Finding a Steady Supply of Fresh Ideas

If you stick with the same old names every day, then you are an investor and not a trader; outsize gains require outsize efforts.

To Be a Great Trader, Plan on Losing Money

Losses are simply a function of the trading process and are not an indication of failure.

Investment Lessons From the Turducken World

Preparing the combined turkey-duck-chicken dish requires patience and persistence, which are good qualities for a value investor to possess.

The Key to Big Profits: Trade Management

Good traders can make money even with poor stocks if they use an effective trade management system.

Riding 2 Big Winners in Small Biotech

Reata Pharmaceuticals and Axsome Therapeutics each have had a terrific 2019, which helps offset the losing bets in this high-beta sector of the market.