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Investing basics

When You Press the Buy Button, You Own the Trade

Making an investment is your choice, so be careful who you follow -- and who you blame.

These Microcaps Are Making Some Big Noise

I attended the LD Micro Conference in Los Angeles. Here's what I found out.

Glimmers of Hope in the Biotech Realm as M&A Activity Picks Up

A recent trio of acquisition deals indicates the doldrums in the sector may be over.

Want to Build a Portfolio From Scratch? Read This

Let me show you how I'd start investing -- it's a lot easier than you think.

Don't Let the Major Market Indexes Hurt Your Trading

The S&P 500 and DJIA are convenient benchmarks, but they can hurt your returns if you give them too much weight.

Lower Wall Street's 'House Advantage' Against You

Today's digital tools enable individual investors to quickly and easily acquire as much knowledge as large institutions.

Today's Lesson: Equity Investing 101

Here are four universal truths about equity investing, using Tractor Supply Co. as an example.

Trust the Technical Signs for a Glimpse Into the Future

Anyone can render an opinion about the market's direction, but solid technical analysis can produce an informed decision.

Taking Smart Risks Is the Safest Way to Invest

Let me show you when you should put money into stocks.

Am I Feeling Lucky? That's the Wrong Question

If your time frame is one to five years, then this is how you need to look at your holdings amid today's action.