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Investing basics

3 Lessons From V-Shaped Bounces, and How They End

The current market is at the point where most reasonable people would question its ability to continue to go straight up, but there are no signs yet that it is about to relent.

Trading in the Age of Computer Algorithms

How do we develop methods that will give us a different edge?

The Unintended Consequences of Jack Bogle

The champion of indexing transformed investing for many, but also impacted the structure of the stock market.

This Market Wants You to Be Bullish

It is increasingly difficult to find stocks that I want to buy.

How Market Action Affects Our Trading Behavior

Sentiment is growing, support for equities is improving and price momentum is tremendous. But good risk management is essential.

They Aren't Sexy, but Solid Dividend-Paying Stocks Are a Portfolio Must

Chatham Lodging Trust and Cedar Fair are two well-run companies with very attractive yields that can help balance a portfolio.

How Stock Picking Beats Managing a Portfolio

The problem most people have with the stock picking approach to portfolio management is 'style drift'.

The Winter of Activision Blizzard

I don't see a catalyst that gets me involved in the name, other than the discounted share price.

Follow These Resolutions If You're Bargain Hunting for Sagging Biotech Stocks

These rules can help investors who are digging through the rubble that 2018 left behind in the biotech sector.

My 4 Stock Trading Resolutions for 2019

These areas come immediately to mind when I think about how I can improve my results in the year ahead.