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Investing basics

My Review of Indicators Points the Way to a Tradable Rally

Keep in mind that this is not a buy-and-hold recommendation but rather a path to producing modest gains over the next few weeks.

Welcome to the Liquidation Phase: Get Me Out!

The market can't produce a good bounce because there are so many trapped longs who want to use any strength to escape the pain.

The Evolution of a Bear Market: Here's How This One Developed

The current cycle is a good example of why it can be so difficult to navigate a bear market.

I Expect TILE to Go Up a Few More Floors

Let's revisit Interface after another earnings beat and see the best way to play it.

Can You Find Joy in 'Missing Out'? Your Accounts Hold the Answer

Sometimes, sitting on the sidelines and waiting for a better moment can be the best -- and the most satisfying -- strategy.

Forget 'Buy Low and Sell High,' and More Wisdom from William J. O'Neil

O'Neil set forth one of the best systems for successful investing. Here's my take on his great advice.

My 4 Pieces of Advice for Dealing With a Market Mess

This is the best counsel I can offer when trying to navigate the volatile conditions we're seeing at present.

Markets Have Always Gone Up and Down, Here's How to Avoid Getting Smashed

Let me show you the two things that will determine your level of success more than anything else as the market cycles in ways that drive traders nuts.

The Market Is Far Worse Than It Looks

The indexes don't reflect what is going on and are keeping sentiment more bullish than it should be, thus preventing a washout that may yield a good support level.

Ted Lasso's 'Goldfish' Advice Can Help You Be a Better Trader

Bill Ackman may be the ultimate goldfish.