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Investing basics

A Tale of Two Markets

So, is this a good time, or a bad time to buy stocks? Yes, and yes.

Continue to Tread Carefully

The danger of further downside looks high, despite the bounce.

How to Navigate a Market Correction in 7 Steps

They include not focusing on predicting an exact low and watching for failed bounces.

Jim Cramer: Short Sellers Can Be Your Investing Safety Belt

Just as Hindenburg raised key questions about Nikola, short sellers can help you think about your own stocks -- and whether you're getting taken for a ride.

You're Seeing a Classic Rotational Correction in Action

It looks like the Nasdaq 100 names have finished much of their correction and now it's the small-cap names' turn to take a hit.

Be Patient and SPACs Will Reward

Here are two plays on special purpose acquisition companies I'm watching right now.

This Dividend Stock Is Ripe for the Picking

Calavo Growers is a small-cap dividend stock with a long runway for growth.

This Is a Market for Picking, Not Timing

Investors are not dumping the FATMAAN names and running for safety -- they are looking to put those funds back to work in other places.

Refuse to Be Gaslighted by Market Pundits

Follow fundamentals and ignore the attempts to gaslight you into not believing your own projections.

The FATMAAN Comes Down to Earth

The big-cap tech leaders are still quite extended fundamentally and technically, but not nearly as much as they were previously.