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It's Still a Stock Picker's Market, But the Fed Could Shake Things Up

It continues to be a good environment for aggressive trading, but we'll need to watch to see if worries about inflation start to have an impact.

Bonds vs. Equities: The Markets Seem Disconnected

Is the Fed ready to help markets start its rehab program or will it continue to feed the junkie?

Meet the Flation Bros. (In, Re and Stag), Dealmaking Dreamers, Chewin' on Chewy

Plus, a look at the unnatural reaction to higher consumer prices of the yield curve and equity markets.

Why Is the S&P 500 Stuck at 4200?

Looking underneath the surface, there have been quite a few discrepancies in terms of themes, rotations and consensual trade unwinds.

Jobs Data Distortion, Fire Warning, Put/Call Intrigue, Fat Chance of Global Tax

Plus, we take quick looks at the charts of Apple and Tesla to discern what may lie ahead for those stocks.

Don't Be So Sure That a 2% 10-Year Yield Is Inevitable

Here's why the 10-year note could see 1% before it sees 2% -- and how to play the move.

Jim Cramer: This Is Not the Most Dangerous Time for Investing Ever

Last week was the first week in ages that I thought there was as much good inflation news as bad even as very few seemed to notice it.

So, Let's See What the Fed Really Said in April

Looks like there was some chatter about 'talking about' tapering of quantitative easing and about speculation. Let's dig in.

Riptide Market, Larry Summers on the Fed, Crypto Crackdown, Watching CVS

Do you know any business leaders? None of them are going to like the idea of higher corporate taxes. None of them.

Jim Cramer: Let Me Explain How Good Companies Can Have Bad Stocks

Here's a lesson I learned decades ago at Goldman Sachs about how stocks can move in times like this.