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Interest Rates

When Did We Stop Worrying About the Wealth Effect?

This looks like a market pricing in a recession/policy mistake.

After the Worst Half Since the '70s, What's in Store for the Second Half?

The short answer is a rough patch, especially if the housing market takes a serious tumble.

Tuesday Setup, Semiconductor Gut Punch, Tradable July? Stay Inside the Lines

Earnings season kicks off in about 10 days. It does not look to the plain eye that analysts are ready.

Don't Expect Fed Relief Anytime Soon

Major selloffs in recent years were accompanied by Fed cuts and market bottoms, but this time is different.

The Fed Blinked and So Did We

Here's what we need to get a bigger rally.

A Hawkish Fed Will Make a V-Shaped Bounce Difficult to Sustain

Such bounces seemingly have been the norm for a while, but circumstances this time are quite different than any time since 2008-2009.

Here's Why It's Not Yet Time to Buy Retail Stocks

Something tells me there will plenty of 'Black Friday' bargains to be had this year.

In a Market That Lacks Clarity, Patience Is the Best Bet

The biggest problem is that it is impossible to accurately discount what the future may hold because it is so uncertain.

I've Got Three Charts You Should Be Watching

Here's why we should pay attention to the 30-Year U.S. Treasury Index, the transports, and, wait for it, ARKK.