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Interest Rates

As the Fed Spreads Its Wings and Circles, Keep Your Focus on Bonds

The Fed is more hawkish, but what does that mean for investors?

Interest Rates and Inflation Issues Will Shift the Trading Environment

Higher interest rates won't kill the market, but they will shift what works best.

Interest Rates Won't Stay Low Forever

The Fed backs off on claims that inflation is transitory and sets the stage for future rate hikes.

Jim Cramer: Here's Why Amazon Is a Stock I Could See Buying

The imbalances that have hurt us so much are beginning to take care of themselves.

Jim Cramer: Want Rate Hikes? Here's What They Don't Cure

It's the jackals who hound Powell who haven't figured out what's causing inflation.

Fed Day, Economic Projections, Inflation, FTC, China and the Materials Sector

What's going on inside the head of the Fed Chair or anyone sitting on the committee (FOMC) as they roll into Wednesday afternoon's block party?

It's All About the Fed

Stay patient, and we will see how things develop when the news hits this afternoon.

Jim Cramer: This Is a Market of Stocks, So Shop Around

Let's see what makes an 'aisle' of stocks hot and what makes another messy -- and what I'd suggest you put in your cart.

Are Bond Yields Sending a Warning Signal to Stocks?

Whether this move was driven by a short squeeze or by a new buyer, in the end, it doesn't make a difference.

The Week Ahead, Protectionism, Software Stocks, Economics 102, Bond Investment

Ever hear of the Cleveland Fed's median CPI? Trust me, every kid sitting at the FOMC table is glued to this indicator.