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Interest Rates

A Slowing Economy Is Boosting the Market, But How Much Weakness Is Too Much?

While there is little chance the Fed will raise rates in September, it is November that is the primary concern.

Bullish Trend, Fed Fantasies, September Seasonality, Trading Salesforce

Recent 'not so strong' data have allowed traders to fantasize the Fed might be done or close to done hiking. These fantasies, however, will either be dashed against the rocks as this week ends, or be cemented in place.

Once Again, the Market Proves: Bad Econ News Can Be Good News for Stocks

Alphabet and Nvidia make big gains, while speculative trading also gets boost, in a technical 'follow-through' day.

Doug Kass: Markets Now Face the Weight of Reality

Structural labor, energy issues and geopolitical changes represent elevated risk to equity investors.

Wall Street's Summer Is Almost Gone: What to Expect From Stocks, Bonds and China

Here's what I'm looking for, including from IPOs, M&A, private equity and a potential recession.

Too Many Investors Have Become Too Complacent About 'Higher for Longer'

The impact of higher interest rates on company margins is one reason this investor is putting a higher priority on companies with better balance sheets.

FS Insight Weekly Roadmap: What's Next for the Market After Jackson Hole?

Stocks end three-week losing streak despite challenges from surging yields, seasonality.

We Learned a Few Important Things From Powell

If he was trying to jawbone the market, then he said the bare minimum to jawbone the market.

Powell Is Likely to Deliver an Uncertain Economic Message From Jackson Hole

A few weeks ago the bulls were betting on a dovish tone, but that has changed as bond yields have jumped and inflation concerns have increased.

Nvidia and AI Won't Cure What's Ailing Much of the Market

Sectors such as retail, banking and energy are under pressure due to a slowing economy and higher rates, and artificial intelligence won't be the elixir for them.