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Interest Rates

Kass: 'Bizarro' Jerry (Seinfeld) Meet 'Bizarro' Jerry (Powell)

Everyone knows inflation metrics greatly understate what is going on in the real world. And everyone knows the Fed knows this as well.

3 Predictions for the Second Half of the Year

I see mounting inflation concerns, an improving job situation, and value beating growth.

Uncertain Fiscal Policy, FOMC, Virus X Factor, Copper, United Rentals Stock

There's a split growing at the FOMC as to just how transitory the current burst of consumer level inflation actually is.

3 Dividend Stocks for Rising Interest Rates

We see increasing rates as a positive tailwind for the future growth of these names.

The Fed Is Doing Exactly What They Said They'd Do

Here's a challenge to the bond bear thesis.

Inflation Worries Remain in Check for Now Which Continues to Buoy Equities

But will that be the case by the fall?

The V-Shaped Bounce Is Back, and Growth Stocks Are Leading

The worries about inflation have been forgotten, and now we have the Nasdaq back at a new all-time high.

Got Your Mastercard? Let's Go to Chipotle Mexican Grill

While sorting out the Fed's words on inflation and rates, let's chew through some intriguing setups in these two names.

Which Direction Is TLT Headed Next?

Let's check out the Treasury bond ETF for the latest clues.

A Market Undergoing a Transition

The market is trying to sort out what higher inflation and interest rates will mean going forward.