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I'm Seeing 3 Early Themes This Earnings Season

I expect a steep decline in monthly job gains in the months ahead.

Amid Erratic Market, We Can Make Some Educated Guesses

Here's my view on the chance of a recession, rate hikes and liquidity.

Don't Get Run Over by the Bounce, But Recognize It for What It Is

This is not buying by investors that believe the market has hit a low.

Hope Is Building That a Significant Turning Point Is Developing

It may be just another bear market rally, but with earnings season and the Fed on deck, volatility should jump.

Market Recon: Cautious Optimism, The Data, FOMC, Currency Wars, Week Ahead

Also, watch the Treasury yield curve this week. Yes, the curve remains horribly mangled.

A Strong Dollar Could Undermine These 3 Stocks With Massive Overseas Revenue

Two are household names, and the entire trio could see their results dinged by a greenback that continues to rise against foreign currencies.

Earnings Season Begins On a Sour Note

JPMorgan Chase turns in disappointing results and makes cautious comments, which reflects the economic mess on the market's hands.

Shocking Inflation, Pressure on the Fed, Arguing With Hawks, Dear FOMC...

Why would anyone invest for less reward over 30 years versus one year at a lower rate?

A Hot CPI Report Makes a Recession a Near Certainty

Odds that the Fed will hike rates 1% at its next meeting went from 2% on Tuesday to 75% Wednesday afternoon.

As Consumer Prices Ring in Even Higher, All Eyes on Fed, Rates

A more hawkish central bank could make for a rougher recession as costs increase and real wages don't; also, I've got two stocks on my screen.