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Fed Stays on Message as Big Tech Reports

Powell acknowledged that there is some weakness and that the Fed feels that its policy is working -- now it's all eyes on Meta, Apple.

A Recession Appears Inevitable, but There Are Still Places to Invest

A few homebuilders and healthcare stocks seem likely to hold up better than most of the market in a recession.

The Power of Low Expectations Is on Display in Reaction to Tech Giants' Results

Alphabet and Microsoft did not have blowout quarters, but they also didn't surprise to the downside, which is a welcome relief to traders.

Uh Oh, Wall Street Is Suddenly Gushing Over Big Tech Again

I have a sense that if the mega-cap tech stocks rally on Wednesday, folks will become quite bullish -- unless Mr. Powell breaks things up.

Market Isn't Tanking in the Face of Negative News, and That's a Positive

There hasn't been a rush for the exits, although buyers aren't in a hurry to put more cash to work, either.

Recession Risk, Stock Market Risk and the Fed

The White House publishing a blog on how economists determine if we are in recession, quite frankly, doesn't give me comfort.

A Defining Week for the Stock Market

Three major events will determine where we are heading.

Big Week, Big Earnings, Collision Course, Tracking Trend, Fed, Fun With Numbers

The longer-term trend is still to the downside, but the short-to medium-term trend has improved as has relative strength.

Kass: 10 Reasons I'm Ignoring the 'Cassandras' and Expect Just a Mild Recession

It is important to note the strong position of the U.S. consumer.

Positive Momentum Is About to Collide With Earnings and the Fed

We'll soon see whether the market can handle whatever news is thrown at it in the way of news next week.