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Several Fed officials were out and about on Tuesday, and what they did was cause a selloff across Treasury markets.

The Fed's Moves Are Unlikely to Bring Down 9% Inflation

The problem is the economy is weakening and rate hikes are going to slow things down even more.

We Rallied on Dismal News. I've Got an Idea Why

I didn't think stocks could do as well as they did, on close to a -1% GDP print, so let's try to figure out why and look at some specific areas to invest or avoid.

2 Hot Trade Ideas as We Start the Dog Days of August

I remain cautious, but that hardly means I'm sitting on my hands.

Many Market Players Seem Too Complacent About What's Ahead

With inflation stubbornly high and the Fed pumping the brakes on the economy, investors may be overly optimistic about a soft landing.

The Bulls Are Fighting the Fed. That Might Be a Mistake

Here's why I believe investors are underestimating Fed Chair Jerome Powell's resolve.

Amazon and Apple Keep the Strong Momentum Running… For Now

The market is becoming overbought and quite a few strategists are suggesting a short-term top is near.

Was That a Hawk or a Dove We Saw Fly Out of the Fed Meeting?

Let's pick apart the Fed's words and actions on Wednesday and see what's likely to come.

I'm Tracking 2 Solar-Related Stocks That Are Running Hot

The two companies are in the energy storage solution market and are shining in an otherwise drab market.

Acting on the 'News' Can Cost You

By the time you see something in print, it's often outdated. Let's use rising prices as an example, and how you can position now to profit later.