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Interest Rates

It's the Wrong Conclusion to Assume the Fed Is Actually Ready to Tighten Policy

The bull view on bonds isn't totally crazy. The prudent thing is to remain defensive on rates.

2 Major Indices Achieve Closing Highs Though Market Breadth Narrows

The net result of the action is to maintain a neutral to positive macro outlook for equities.

Inflation, Infrastructure Spending, and Stagflation

Regardless of one's politics, this ought to scare you as an investor.

This Is a Tough Environment to Forecast Rates

With so many questions around inflation, COVID, the Fed, and stimulus and policy, it's hard to determine what will happen in the rates market. Here's my take.

Chart Trends and Market Breadth Show a Bit of Improvement

Two index charts shifted from neutral to positive late last week while the 10-year Treasury tested resistance.

Here's Why Friday's Jobs Report Will Be a Big Deal for Fed Watchers

Let see what employment numbers and weakening economic data could mean for policies such as quantitative easing tapering.

Interpreting Jerome Powell 101: What Did He Mean?

If the latest FOMC meeting left you scratching your head, then you're not alone. Let's try to pick apart what's really going on.

Is the Fed Getting Trapped in a Catch-22?

The Fed hopes its efforts will lead to sustainable GDP growth, but if inflation starts to run away too quickly, then Powell and company's hands could be tied.

The Week Ahead, Earnings, Macro, Virus, Monetary and Fiscal Policy, Trading Roku

This week will tax your brain. Your ability to focus on what really matters will be tested.

Jim Cramer: Prosperity vs. Recession, and the D.R. Horton Journey

Normally DHI would be jubilant with the level of demand they are seeing. Not this time.